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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Car Ignition System should always be maintained properly! You can visit to replace your car ignition system parts if needed.

Learn how a Car Ignition System works with Parts Avatar – Auto Parts

You just don’t have to turn a key in the car ignition system to start an auto. Once you have turned in the key, then a further process starts which involves igniting the fuel as well as providing power to the engine begins. So if any sort of problem arises, then the car engine won’t start and the owner of the vehicle will have to get it repaired.

A Matter of Timing

During the process of combustion, each and every system of a car engine works at its own precise time. If this process is not functioning properly, then the engine might have to experience some misfires, low power as well as decreased fuel efficiency.  Now once the key has been turned on, the starter solenoid would be engaged and would allow the power surge from the car battery would be allowed to reach the spark plugs using the spark plug wires. Due to this the spark plug would fire which would then ignite the fuel and air mixture in the chamber. This would move the piston down.  The ignition system starts working way before the spark is produced and a lot of systems which are designed to facilitate the process of producing the spark are involved in it.

Spark Plugs and Wires

The fuel which lies in the combustion chamber is ignited by the electric charge which is coming from the battery. A single spark plug is held by each chamber which would receive the electricity to spark with the help of spark wires. Both the spark plugs as well as wires should be in good shape so that the vehicle doesn’t suffer misfires, bad power as well as performance and decrease in the overall gas mileage. Make sure that the spark plugs are properly gapped by the mechanic before they are installed into the vehicle. When an electric current jumps the gap, this gives rise to a spark. The car engines may start running poorly because of improperly gapped spark plugs.

Raising the Voltage with the Ignition Coil

The electric voltage which is coming from the battery has to first pass through the ignition coil when it is on its way to the spark plugs. The main purpose of the ignition coil is to amplify the low voltage charge. The current starts flowing all along the primary coil. A secondary coil would be wrapped around the primary coil which would contain hundreds more turns in comparison to the primary coil. The overall flow of current which is passing through the primary coil would get disrupted by the breaker points. Due to this the magnetic field would start collapsing in the coil. A high voltage electric current is created through this process which would feel into the distributor as well as spark plugs.

The Function of the Rotor and Distributor Cap

The high voltage charge is distributed to the right cylinder with the help of a distributor which uses a rotor system and a cap. The charge is distributed to each and every cylinder by spinning the rotor.
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