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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Do you know that the new premium exterior colors of Cadillac CTS include Cocoa Bronze Metallic, Moonstone Metallic, and Stellar Black Metallic. Interior colors and trim combinations have also been revised.?

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It was in the year 2003 when Cadillac launched out its first CTS. This car soon became famous amongst the people because of its high performance as well as luxury features. It is a mid size sedan which is loved by many. It makes sure to target the enthusiast as well as luxury market both at the same time.

This car has been updated with the passage of time upgrade its styling, overall performance as well as rich features. Due to these changes, this car has earned a great fan following.
Here are some things which people like about Cadillac CTS:

1.      It looks sharp on the road
The exterior car parts of the CTS are bold, that’s the reason why this car makes people crave for it badly wherever it goes. This car has crisp angles which makes this car a sleek as well as attractive appearance. One can easily identity this vehicle as a Cadillac after having a look at its headlights, car grille and stylish LED taillights.

2.      Nice colour combinations
This car offers 10 exterior colours and 7 different interior colours. This means that the customer would have wide range of combinations while choosing a Cadillac CTS.

3.      Choose from three engine options
The Cadillac made sure not to compromise with the performance when they were designing the powertrain for the CTS model. This car model has a turbocharged inline-4, twin turbo V6 as well as a supercharged V8.

4.      Famous Cadillac Ride
This car model makes it a point to utilize the magnetic ride control technology so that it can adjust the tuning up of the suspension.  Now you must be confused that what does it actually mean? It means that this system would immediately respond to the weather conditions and any other road deviations just in a blink while it is moving. This would help in improving the handling and at the same time would give an efficient ride.

5.      Great stopping power
It doesn’t matter if the roadway is wet or dry as this car model possesses top quality brake calipers and rotors which would offer excellent and smooth stopping power. The drivers would be able to stop this car immediately in case of emergency with the help of disc brakes.

6.      Balanced driving experience
One another thing which would blow away your mind is that this car has 50/50 weight distribution for proving a balanced driving experience to its passengers. Its overall weight is evenly spread across the entire chassis which would help in creating a very well balanced platform. This would help in maximizing the overall car performance as well as your driving experience.

7.      Enjoyable cabin environment
The car cabin of this model is extremely spacious and would easily give up room to the five passengers so that they can comfortably stretch their legs. The other great feature is that it has a three zone climate control system. With the help of this system you can set the temperature where ever you want without hampering the comfort of the person who is sitting next to you. The driver will get a clear view of the navigation with its 12 inch plus LCD display and many other entertainment features which would make people go crazy for this car.

8.      Center of attention to the car interior materials
The materials which are used inside this car are of high quality that would a luxurious look. Along with that it has carbon fiber; some components of aluminium trim which fully add on the car interior. It also has magnesium paddle shifter which are eye catching.

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