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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Have you ever opened the hood of your car and wondered what was going on in there?

Have a look at some most important Car Parts under your Hood with

There are a number of external car parts which should be maintained properly like the car tires, doors and even the car windshield wipers. A lot of car owners are very well aware as to how these auto parts should be monitored and they do not even face any problem with these components as they are extremely simple as well as straightforward. But the tough part begins when you have to work under the car hood as many car drivers about the parts located there and what they do.  These car parts which are located under the car hood are equally important like the external car parts which are easily visible.

Want to know which major car parts are situated under the car hood? We will share some information about them and what they do. Have a look at them below:

1.      The Car Battery

Most of the owners are aware about this car part. Make sure that you replace your car battery after every few years. The chemical reactions in the battery are converted into the electrical energy that the starter requires for functioning. When you are driving the car, it makes sure to keep the electrical current stable so that the car engine does not start to shut off. If the amount of power in the car battery is not sufficient enough then the car will not start.

2.      The Alternator

A car engine would only work properly if the alternator is also working well. The engine which the engine needs is channelized with the help of an alternator. The car engine may not even start if the car alternator is not working correctly. If the car alternator is broken, then it may cause issues with some other car parts as well. Mechanical energy is produced by the moving car parts which are located under the car hood. But this mechanical energy cannot provide power to the car engine, so that’s why the alternators motive is to convert it into energy that can be used up by the engine. The car battery can also use the electricity which is created by the alternator to charge itself. That’s the reason why the car batteries which have started to die can still continue to run after the car has been jump started using some other battery.

3.      The Engine Air Filter

Just like car batteries, the car owners would also be familiar with the engine air filter. The reason behind this is that it should also be changed on specific intervals. But still a lot of people do not know how to replace their air filters. The function of the air filter is exactly what its name suggests. The air that passes through the engine is filtered with its help so that it can catch dirt particles and debris. But when the air filter becomes dirty, then it won’t be able to filter anymore. Due to this the car engine would become susceptible and would have to work harder so that it can function properly. The overall car mileage starts decreasing due to dirty engine filter. The air filters which become old and damaged can start breaking down and would be sucked into the car engine. Due to this the engine would start getting damaged significantly.

4.      The Radiator
A radiator is an important auto part which is extremely essential if you want your car to keep on functioning properly. The chemical reactions are triggered with the help of heat that helps them to run. It is one of the most important parts of the car cooling system. It is situated near the car engine and contains a thermostat which ensures that the temperature under the car hood is right.
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