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Thursday, August 16, 2018

It is very important to keep an eye on your car fluids!! Learn how to check your car fluids with Parts Avatar Car Parts Online

Willing to learn how to check essential fluids in your car? Wait no more as Parts Avatar Canada is to help you out!!

The day since the cars are invented, the drivers have found a lot of ways to make them more efficient as well as reliable. The cars which we have today are the best, but still they need some sort of maintenance. There are various fluids in a car which need the maximum amount of attention.

Fluids play a very major role in a car like helping in overall fuel economy and its longevity. If you will try to maintain them at a proper level, then it would help your car to last longer as well as drive better.

Have a look at ways to check various essential fluids in your car:

1.      Engine oil

At first comes the fuel and then after that is the most essential fluid in our car. The components of the engine keep on spinning thousands of times in a single minute and it is only possible because of oil which helps everything to move smoothly.

A lot of cars contain a dipstick in the engine bay which would let you inspect the oil. Once you turn off the engine, and then wait for around 10 minutes to check the oil. It would be the best time as now the oil would be settled down at the bottom and would get time to cool off. Then use a towel of a rag to wipe the dipstick once it had been pulled out. The see how much oil is left there in your engine, the dipstick has been marked with maximum and minimum indicators. The amount of oil on the dipstick should be near maximum. If you find out that it is below the minimum, then you must immediately add more. If the reading is low in the engine, then it would show that there is some leaking or burning oil issue which should be fixed as soon as possible or else can cause damage.

2.      Coolant

A large amount of heat is produced due to combustion and friction which keeps on happening in the engine. A coolant is also called antifreeze whose main function is to absorb the heat by the engine. If you will maintain a correct level of coolant, then it would prevent overheating. You must check the coolant after every 50,000 miles but if you find out that there is some other then you must know how to top it off as well. Remember this thing that you must not check the coolant if your engine is still hot.  A coolant which is pressurized can cause burns. Before you start checking the coolant, wait for the engine to cool down.

3.      Brake fluid

All of us are aware about the importance of car brakes. The brakes of the modern cars are hydraulic which means that the fluid connects the pedal to the brakes all by themselves. A plunger would start pressuring the brake fluid which lines inside the lines when you will step on the pedal which would cause the brake pads to clamp on the rotors and would gradually slow down your car.

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