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Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Lincoln is a division of Ford vehicle make company which produces which produces luxurious vehicles. It has been long since this company has been recognized as a particular brand name. This company was established in the year 1917 and during that time it used to make aircraft engine parts, its main focus was to produce high quality as well as premium parts. The Lincoln Motors is now successful in producing standard vehicle products.

Nothing remains stagnant; same is the case with automotive industry. This car company had to face a lot of ups and downs due to recession, bankruptcy and all the demands which keep on changing in the society. But Lincoln has proven itself by survival. Just after the conclusion of World War I, Lincoln had produced a number of successful vehicles. Presently it has manufactured MKS and MKZ model of sedans as well as a number of luxurious SUV’s which are loved by many.

It was in the year 1917-1940 when this company began. There was a person named Henry Leland who was a senior manager at General Motors and there he saw production of some vehicles. Leland a well as his son had their own innovative ideas with which they can produce a number of engine parts in short period of time, so that’s why they decided to form their own car parts company.

Now once the World War I was concluded, Leland started to design his own automobiles. But then he faced a lot of financial troubles and he had to sell his company in the year 1922 to Ford. Leland idea of producing 4 series was continued by Ford for some years and then later they also introduced four door sedans with brand new engine block styling. All the people loved the new designs and were satisfied with them. The reason behind this was that Ford used high quality of materials and there was no engine vibration.

It was in the year 1940 when Lincoln became a complete division of its parent company. Its way of styling was European and that’s why it soon became famous amongst the customers. During this time, one another division of the Ford Motor Company was Mercury.

Both the Mercury as well as Lincoln got merged up in the year 1945 and its focus was initially on the manufacturing of the two models.  The Continental was designed once again and Zephyr was also upgraded.  These models were then later discontinued in 1949 and then EL series and Cosmopolitan replaced them. It was a new achievement for the Lincoln as these models did not have an oversized V-12 engine.

In the 1960’s, the Continental line was elaborated to indulge the next generations of the Mark series by the Lincoln. Adding to this, this car company also started developing new generation continental which were actually based on some custom designs.

The cars which were smaller in size and at the same time which would offer great fuel economy were demanded by people during the 1980’s. Due to this, this car company had to suffer through some years of bad sales and that’s why the entire division had to be reorganized.  The Town Car took the place of Continental and Mark series as they were discontinued for some time. Then Lincoln became a part of the Ford Premier Auto Group in the year 1998.

We cannot deny this fact the Lincoln had to experience low sales because of recessions and the changing demands of the industry, but still Lincoln has proved itself to be a successful innovative company.
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