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Friday, December 2, 2022

Shop Chassis Frame & Body

The vehicle's main framework and spine are its chassis and body. The chassis or frame is where the vehicle's parts are mounted, including the steering system, axles, wheels, and tyres, suspension, and braking system. It is known as a carrying unit since it serves as the primary mounting point for all components. There are several distinct kinds of car frames, including ladder, X, and Unibody frames. Modern automobiles typically use a monocoque or Unibody chassis design, which creates a composite construction that is both lightweight and sturdy. The chassis is an essential component of every vehicle, despite neither being flashy nor being visible.

EC Auto Parts_Crossmember_354294982249
EC Auto Parts_Crossmember_354303361892
EC Auto Parts_Crossmember_354332035936
EC Auto Parts_Crossmember_354333437999
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EC Auto Parts_Frame Repair Kits_354351238955
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