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Friday, December 2, 2022

Shop Rear Body Panel

According to the needs of the vehicle, rear body panels for cars are typically composed of sheet metal, although they can also occasionally be made of fibreglass, carbon fibre, or fiber-reinforced plastic. The rear body panel is situated behind the rear bumper of the car, as opposed to a quarter panel, which is a body panel positioned between the back door and the trunk (boot) and often wraps around the wheel wells. It offers mountings for the rear bumper and structural support. Even though the rear body panel is hidden from view from the outside, it is essential for defence against environmental factors and unintentional impacts that could weaken the vehicle's frame.

EC Auto Parts_Deck Lid_354301439450
EC Auto Parts_Deck Lid_354351218478
EC Auto Parts_Deck Lid_354351259623
EC Auto Parts_Deck Lid_354351294748
EC Auto Parts_Deck Lid_354351336764
EC Auto Parts_Deck Lid_354351337239
EC Auto Parts_Deck Lid_354351351982
EC Auto Parts_Deck Lid_354351361608
EC Auto Parts_Deck Lid Lifts_354351365231
EC Auto Parts_Rear End Panel_354333879937


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