Clean and Care of your Vehicle Battery

Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

Driving is stressful for you?? Just relax…Because Nissan has made your job easy!!!!

Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Our Favourite day of the year is here- Family Day!! Check out Some amazing events and activities happening across Canada @PartsAvatar!!

Looking to do something amazing on the family day weekend? Want to make it a memorable day for your family? There are plenty of events to enjoy in Canada. Want to know? Read Further!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Canada.

Enjoy the break between New Year’s and Easter while emphasizing the importance of family life, this Family Day. Even though Canada is celebrating family day on two different dates, no need to worry, there are plenty of family day events to please your family.

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario celebrate family day on the third Monday of the February while British Columbia has chosen to celebrate it on the second Monday in February.

A private member’s bill to establish family day on the third Monday in February was introduced in 1994 by Bob Chisholm in BC legislature. And subsequently BC’s first family day was observed on February 18, 2013. B.C. designated the second Monday of February as a statutory holiday in 2013, following the steps of Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta where the mid winter holiday takes place on the third Monday of the month.

Now, let us see how Canada celebrates family day!!

Alberta- Meet the Polar Bear!

Bundle up your family and get closer for some family day fun at the Edmonton Valley Zoo! Stay warm while you visit polar bear craft table, participate in a scavenger hunt and learn more about Zoo’s Arctic ambassador program.

Visit free photo booth to take a family memory. You can also enjoy other fun stuff like visiting the face painting station and warming yourself with a cup of hot chocolate.
You can also join St. Albert’s fire and ice festival if your family loves skating. This free event offers skating, pond hockey and live entertainment. There is also a fire hose tug of war and stunning performance by fire artist.

Want to go back in time? You can visit Edmonton’s Rutherford house for traditional indoor and outdoor family games and some fresh historic treat.

Don’t forget Eau Clair market where first 500 guests are given complementary hot chocolate and coffee. This free carnival themed event offers games, live entertainment, magic show, ice carving demonstrations and more.

If your family is a petrol head, then you need not worry, the activities at Alberta’s gasoline alley museum won’t disappoint you. Be the first to cross the finish line and get your own limited edition gasoline alley driver’s license.

Get Crafty with Saskatchewan
Already have family plans? Visit the 4cats studio and show your crafting skills in their offered projects. Book your spot at workshops that are strictly for kids. Don’t worry if you can’t make it on family day because the studio offers workshops all year round!
Check out their official website for more information and book your seats now.

Louis Riel Day in Manitoba!
Louis Riel, the M├ętis leader is regarded as the father of Manitoba. This name was suggested by Manitoba’s school students in his honour and was first celebrated on February 18, 2008.

Get crafty and enjoy live performances at children’s museum in Winnipeg. They call it Franco fun day.

Enjoy family day weekend with activities like skating, live music and traditional meal all weekend long at Festival Du Voyageur.

Ontario is full of family events!!
Art gallery of Ontario becomes kid’s gallery of Ontario during family day weekend. It hosts wide range of fun stuff like workshops to keep your inner artist alive. Try jump roping, create your own kite, and watch family friendly movies and much more.

If your family loves animals, then you got to visit Hamilton kid’s fest at the Canadian warplane heritage museum. Enjoy all kinds of rides, puppet shows and even exotic animal exhibits, craft workshops and more.

Admission is free at Toronto’s waterfront. So bring your furry family members and take in woof jocks Canine all star show.

Glide hand in hand during a family skate, watch stunning jaw dropping performances and then warm up with hot cocoa at harbour kids skating festival at harbour front centre. Admission is free.

TIFF next wave film festival showcases movies from around the world with other interactive activities. So if your kid is a movie freak, it’s going to be the best day of him there for sure!

Stunning events at British Columbia!!

If you see a creative artist in your kid, take them to children’s art festival in Richmond for a full day workshop and activities. They can register for classes on topics like puppet making, cartooning, musical theatre and more.

Love under water fun? Want to spend family day with whale? Get all the underwater fun at Vancouver aquarium and participate in sea themed experiments. You can even set a camp in the underwater view gallery.

Residents of B.C. don’t stop here. Get ready for some snowy fun! Get 50% off full day tickets at whistler Blackcomb and there will plenty of awesome activities like ski runs, snowshoe tours, relaxing at Nintendo gaming lounges and much more.

Love mountain bike ride? Bear Mountain grants your wish along with other indoor and outdoor activities like fun rounds of tennis and coloring contest. If you are golf crazy, then you can brush up your golf skills here at free one hour golf lessons from a certified instructor. Want to make it a weekend get away? Check out their website!
New Brunswick has become the newest province to observe family day beginning on February 19, 2018.

Although they are not known as family day, to follow the suit, four other Canadian provinces and territories (Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Yukon) created similar February holidays in order to break up the long stretch between New Year and Easter.

Family day is called islander day in Prince Edward’s island, heritage day in Nova Scotia and Yukon. Although the government and many businesses are closed on this day, it is not a statutory holiday.

Try to spend the day without your phone in order to re enforce the quality family time. Happy family day from PartsAvatar Auto Parts. Visit our official website and shop for quality aftermarket auto products with free shipping facility over $99.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Looking for car window wiper blades ??Select and buy wiper blades from reckoned brands at partsavatar Auto body parts.

Having exceptional wiper blades ensures clean windshield and increases your visibility while driving through the downpour. Take a look! ~ Partsavatar Car Parts.

Windshield wipers are crucial for a clear view and thus it makes them essential for driving safety especially in snow, downpour or rainy day. But mostly drivers are lazy when it comes to changing wipers.

You should replace windshield wipers every 6 months if you life in deserts or rainy climate. This is because due to frequent use, windshield blades tend to wear out.
It’s easy to forget that wipers are also included in car’s safety feature checklist until you end up stuck in snow or heavy rain or you struggle to move through dirty windshield glass. 

The major and common cause of accidents in snowy or rainy regions is poor visibility. Drivers often ignore windshield wipers and its components like for instance we don’t even know to fill the fluid washer tank with cleaner until we need it and same goes for wipers.

So the question arises that why do we have to attend to the windshield wiper blades? Wiper blades perform their duty of clean windshield in harsh weather conditions. So with time debris, dirt and sunlight may break down their rubber edges. Torn wiper blade will scratch the windshield glass after rubbing against it. It is quite cheap to replace blades than whole car windshield.

Types of wiper blades
Windshield wiper blades though come in different styles but all have one thing in common: they all have rubbed edge that makes contact with the windshield glass. The rubber edge is quite soft and is prone to wear and tear. There are different types of car wiper blades present in the market as:

Flat Wiper Blades
Car’s Flat wiper blade due to its new technology comes equipped in almost every new vehicle. They do not have metal coat hanger shaped frame as other conventional wipers have. Instead of hanger they possess a tensioned metal strip running within the rubber structure of wiper blade.

Being a smaller wiper it provides less obstruction to the driver’s field of vision along with reduced wind noise. The internal metal strip applies constant pressure along the length of the blade and has a built in spoiler.

Winter Wiper blades

Car's winter wiper blades are designed for those drivers who drive daily in harsh winter and snowy regions. Its traditional blade is encased in a protective rubber shell. This frame work increases the service life of the wiper as it protects the wiper from ice and snow.

Winter wiper blades may not be visually appealing but they are best to work with in harsh winter weather.

Beam blades
Unlike other conventional wipers, beam blades do not possess any external frame. They have a spring steel incorporated into the rubber. Beam blades are considered as great for curved windshields as they provide uniform pressure and give better wiping service.

It’s better to buy car's wiper beam blades from branded auto parts manufacturer like Bosch which gives warranty for its product on hand.

Aerovantage Wiper blade

Aerovantage wiper blades of cars are easy to install and upgrade. These blades feature asymmetric spoiler design and provide the same fit performance and extended service life.

Aerovantage wiper blades are perfect match for factory original blades with full market coverage. Aerovantage provide superior performance with its enhanced aerodynamics for outstanding water clearance.

Micro edge Wiper Blades
Micro edge wiper blades of car have a robust frame work which produces reliable windshield wiper performance. It comes equipped with all steel frames for lasting performance and quick clip for easy installation.

Symptoms of bad windshield wiper blade
For a better working windshield wiper and a clean, without scratch windshield glass it is better to change the windshield wiper every 6 months. Listed below are warning signs that you have a bad or worn out wiper blade and it’s time to replace them.

Wiper blades appear to bounce
If you have turned on your car’s wiper blades and they appear to bounce, this is a warning sign that the time has come to replace the wiper blades. But it may also be your windshield wiper arm that is broken. To determine the exact cause, call a professional and he will determine what you need to replace.
So, be prepared as you may have to replace either car wiper blades or auto wiper arm.

Streaks on windshield glass
A good condition and properly working wiper blade will efficiently remove snow, debris and dirt out of windshield glass and provide you a clear vision. Wipers are designed to work smoothly and leave fewer streaks on the glass. However, if the blades get torn or start showing signs of aging, they won’t clean the glass evenly and will leave traces of spots and streaks on the windshield glass.

As soon as you notice streaks and spots on the windshield glass, replace the wiper blades immediately as they have probably worn out.

Screeching sounds
A proper working wiper blade will clear out the debris and dirt quickly, smoothly and without any annoying noise. Worn out rubber on the blades often glides unevenly on the windshield thus making a screeching noise. Along with the screeching sound it may also ruin the glass with scratches.

Installation of wiper blades
It’s a simple and easy DIY project. You will be able to change the wiper blades in about 10 minutes.

Follow the installation instruction on the package. Mostly new wiper blades are designed in such a way that they need almost zero labor for installation. But still if it demands some work then make sure you have a firm grip on wiper arm once you remove the old blade.

If it gets away from you, it can hit the windshield and crack it.

For blade replacement all you need is a screwdriver and new replacement blades.

Insert a small screw driver to release the old blade. Then slip in the new blade.

Voila! You are done!

Regardless of where you live, it is always smart to plan ahead and be protective about replacing your windshield wiper blades. Buy Car and truck auto parts from top brands at Partsavatar Auto parts. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Want to save fuel? Follow these tips to beat the Gas Crunch and Partsavatar. ca would provide you with best quality of fuel tanks.

Want to save Fuel?  Read some major tips to beat the Gas Crunch
The price of petrol and diesel has stopped rising for some time, but it is surely a huge investment when you have to run a car. Here are some simple steps which you can follow to save money on petrol and you will be able to save a lot of cash for other important things. Have a look at them:-
  1. Combine your trips
Do you know that if you have parked your car for some hours, then your car engine turns cold and it consume much more fuel for the first five miles or so. Plan and try to combine all your daily tasks into one big trip. Sometimes it is not possible as the work pops out all of a sudden and then you have t o go out instantly, but you can try not to go out separately for minor tasks which can be done later on. It would save a lot of fuel than expected.

  1. Avoid driving in the rush hours
There are many places where you can spend your time, than getting stuck in a traffic jam. This is really very expensive way of travelling. Whenever you stop in a traffic jam and start your car once again, then huge amount of fuel is used to get moving again from first gear. The best solution to this problem is to not to travel during the rush hours. Try to understand what the traffic is trying to do in front of you and then drive steadily at a slower speed, instead of accelerating and braking again and again. If you travel in rush hours a lot and do not have any other alternative, then you must consider buying a hybrid car, which would use less amount of fuel.

  1. Close your car windows
As such there is no problem if you are driving in a town, but if you are out of station and moving really very quickly, then the shape of your car matters a lot. Many of the car designers are making efforts to create cars as sleek as possible and they call it aerodynamics.  You cannot change the design of your car, but can close the windows and sunroof to avoid such a situation. You can use your air conditioner if it gets to hot outside.

  1. Don’t carry too much weight
More the weight in the car, more amount of fuel would be consumed. Don’t cart so much stuff in your car boot if you don’t need it. It is ironical that people generally don’t bother taking out heavier items from the car. This leads to more fuel consumption.

  1. Accelerate smoothly
The best way to drive is at a constant speed and by using the highest gear. One thing is for sure that you will have lower fuel bills if you are a patient driver. There is no point of overtaking for standing in front of a car for the next set of lights. The fuel bill would be more whenever you will get your fuel tank refilled.

  1. Stop pushing your accelerator down too far
I am sure that this one would surprise you all. It is not just always about the gear. Many of the times people are at high gear and travelling at a sensible speed, but if you push your accelerator down too much to avoid changing to a lower gear, then in reality you are consuming more fuel not less. The people who have an automatic gear box installed need not bother as they need not choose the gear.

  1. Check the tyre pressure
The less the pressure of the tyre, the more amount of fuel it would need to move it. It is recommended that you must check your car tyres after every two weeks.  It is very important to maintain a perfect tyre pressure. You can visit stores like Napa Canada if you are thinking of buying a new tyre or some other car parts.

  1. Track your mileage
You must know what your fuel consumption is from tank to tank. Then you will be able to compare how much more fuel you used yesterday than today. It would help you to change your driving style.

Bringing it all together
If you add up all the improvements which are listed above, then you can double your gas mileage with these minor changes.  If your fuel tank is leaking or has got damaged due to an accident, then you can buy a new one online from  We offer all kinds of aftermarket auto parts which you won’t be able to resist. So what are you waiting for? Come visit our online store.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Are you getting ready for Winters? Parts Avatar would help you to prepare your car for cold weather !

Are you getting ready for winters? Have a look at the ten most important preventive Car Maintenance Measures.
If you have your own car, then you can adapt some preventive car maintenance measures to keep your car ride happy and this would save you with lots of money that you would spend upon car repairs. Some of the people are not aware about this thing and have no idea what they should do to prevent their auto parts. Let’s cleat this problem and we will give you some tips that will apply to all the vehicles.

 If any of your friends or some known person has worked on cars or has spent tons of money in getting their car parts repaired, then they would surely tell you that you must not ignore the preventive car maintenance. The basic things, like regularly changing your car oil, checking the tire pressure and getting other inspections and some important work done are same as getting checkups done at the doctor. The benefit of this thing is that they keep you healthy and the experts get a chance to catch anything serious before it becomes a very major problem. Same is the case with your car; it would save you a lot of money.
First of all read your owner’s manual
The most important thing is that you must pay attention to your owner’s manual. It has a proper maintenance schedule in it, which you should follow. Don’t fall in the trap of old car myths. Do whatever your car manual says. If there is some unusual behavior displayed by your car, then it is the time to get a proper service of your car, especially before winters.
Here are some of the important things for which you should look out.
  1. Engine and its filter
During the time of winters, a lot of engine problems magnify. The most common thing is that it becomes hard and the response time slows down. You must take care of all these problems to ensure that your engine is working properly. One should replace the engine filter on a regular basis. Refer to your owner’s manual as it would give you a mileage estimate, letting you know when to replace the filter. if your filter is dirty, then you must replace it.

  1. Tires
Always check your car tires before going to see if there is any sort of wear and tear which they have undergone. If you want to extend the life of your car tire, and then make sure that your tires rotate on a recommended schedule. This would protect you from unnecessary headache and would save a lot of money. The other important thing is that you must keep an eye on the tire pressure because the changes in the temperature can have a significant effect.

  1. Radiator
The proper functioning of your cooling system is the most important thing. You can flush and refill to maintain a 50/50 mix of both antifreeze and water. Checkups of the drive belts, clamps, hoses should be done on a regular basis to ensure that they are working properly.

  1. Oil
If you are an urban driver, then you must change your oil regularly once in a month. This is a small task, even then people don’t give it much importance and that’s why is often neglected. Replacing the oil would help your car engine to run smoothly. The other advantage is that it would burn less fuel, saving your fuel money. This would also lower down the green house gas emissions for our environment.

You face problems the entire year while starting your vehicle, but multiply during the cold weather.  That time it can be really rough on your battery and charging system. If you want to get rid of this problem, then you must get it cleaned before winters. Inspect your battery beforehand and if you have used it for around four years, then it is the correct time for its replacement. You can look up at stores like Napa Canada if you wish to buy one.

  1. Heaters, wipers and defrosters
All these help to maintain driver’s visibility. When it is cold outside, it can cause foggy windows. At that point you need car heater. If it is not functioning properly, then you won’t be able to defog them. You can always replace the wiper blades of your windshield so that they have plenty of wiper fluid on hand. The most important thing while driving is that you are able to see in all possible directions.

When it comes to safety, the car braking system is at the top. If the road is full of ice, then you must have full control over the brakes.

  1. Exhaust
Do you know what carbon monoxide gas is? It is colorless, odorless and inhaling it can be fatal. You and your family members sitting in the car are at the greatest risk for this gas during cold weather because the windows are usually closed during this season. Get your exhaust system inspected for a carbon monoxide leak to prevent potential tragedies.

  1. Lights
During winter season, there is less amount of day light and that’s why you use your vehicle lights more often. Make it a point that your car headlights and taillights are in good working order, and at the same time are positioned properly. Don’t forget that visibility is the prime safety measure you have as a driver.

  1. Gas
You gas tank should be half full almost all the time. During the winter season, combination of winter air which is extremely cold and too much moisture can cause your gas lines to freeze.
If you are thinking of preparing your car for cold weather, then get in touch with  You can buy all the types of aftermarket auto parts here. So please don’t wait for the things to get worse and prepare well in advance.