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Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

Driving is stressful for you?? Just relax…Because Nissan has made your job easy!!!!

Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Breathe easy with new car Air Filter !! Visit Parts Avatar - Car Parts to purchase top notch auto ail filter online.

Parts Avatar Canada is here to tell you some benefits of Car Air Filter

If you want your car to run smoothly and at the same time function efficiently, then your car engine would require same amount of fuel as well as clean air. Do you know the reason why your car has an air filter?  Air Filter is installed in a car to ensure that only the cleanest air enters in the car and at the same time it tries to prevent any sort of damage from minor dirt and other particulate matter.

You are the owner of your car and it’s totally up to you if you want to install ordinary paper like auto air filters. But you can also buy top quality car air filters online which would help your car to breathe properly and would allow clean air to enter inside. There are a lot of materials which can enter inside your car engine and would cause damage, but good car air filter can block all such harmful contaminants.

Why Car Air Filter?

We know that now you must be thinking that what is the need of spending money on a small auto part whose function is to just filter the air for your car engine? The normal air filter would not have a lot to offer in comparison to a performance auto air filter. The first and the foremost advantage is that it would provide a better airflow, it would last for a longer period of time than a normal one and at the same time would provide great protection to your car engine.

Want to know a few more advantages? Have a look at them below:

1.      Better Airflow

If you will choose a performance car air filter, then it would provide a better airflow than a normal paper filter. The normal car air filter would accumulate a lot of dirt at a faster pace, thus restricting the overall air flow.  This would make the work of engine harder. There would be rise in the gas mileage and horsepower.

2.      Longer Lifespan

Most of the performance air filters which are available online or in the shops have a longer lifespan than the normal paper counterparts. The main reason behind this is the structure of the performance air filters which try to trap maximum dirt in its layers. But on the other hand, the standard paper filters gather dirt on the surface which would restrict the air flow and that’s why you will have to change it many a times. The good quality of air filters are oiled properly and one can clean them easily whenever needed. This would be beneficial as now you will not have to spend a lot of money on purchasing a brand new air filter for your car.

3.      Save Money

All of us try to search for cars which would offer a better gas mileage as the prices of fuel are increasing a lot these days. But it is not possible for everyone to buy a new car to solve this issue; there is no need to get worried as we a solution for you. Consider replacing the car filter as would help you to save money from gas and at the same time would increase engine performance. If you are keeping performance in mind, then air filters are very important car part which cannot be neglected.
You need not worry if your car air filter has been damaged as you can easily get them at Parts Avatar Canada and we assure you that you will get best quality of car parts at reasonable prices. Your vehicle would look new once again and provide you with full safety.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

We all LOVE our cars, then we must know the proper functions performed by these auto parts!!

Parts Avatar Canada is here to tell you top common Car Parts and their essential uses

If the only one thing which you know about cars is that it requires petrol as well as oil to run, then you are just like me. Have a look at this article as it is surely for you which would tell you about the most common car parts as well as their functions. They are mentioned here as follows:

1.      Car Engine

Car engine is a big metal box which is located under the car bonnet. Just like we humans have a heart, in a similar way the heart of a car is a car engine. Engine has a number of auto parts in it which would help the car to move and perform various functions. The process of combustion begins in the engine cylinders where the fuel as well as air fed. This would lead to the expansion of gases creating heat and then it would ultimately create motion.

2.      Alternator

Have you ever thought that how your car electrics actually work? This task is performed by your car alternator as the rotating movement of the drive belt is turned into the electricity with its help. A magnet is turned inside the coil of the wire and this would start producing voltage with the help of which the car battery would be charged up. There are a number of car electrical parts like car headlights, taillights, brake lights and many more which would get power with the help of the battery.

3.      Radiator

The car engine car heat up due to a number of auto parts moving inside it. The front of the car has a car radiator which would allow fresh air to run over and it also contains fins which would absorb the coolants. They are absorbed so that the car does not over heat. The engine water pumps the coolant through the car radiator as well as other chambers in the car engine block.

4.      Suspension

The main function of the car suspension is to keep the car tires in perfect contact with the road. It also tries to decrease the overall impact which is felt in the cabin on different surfaces of the roads. If your car is bouncing a lot while you are driving on road, then there can be some issues with the car suspension system and you must get it checked.

5.      Ignition

Your car ignition system helps your car to run by acting like a match which would help in igniting the fuel mixtures.

6.      Mufflers

A muffler is situated under the car which is just like a metal container which has a number of sub chambers inside it. The best part is that they would help in reducing the noise caused by the engine. Have you ever thought why some car produce a lot of noise when pass by your car? The reason behind this would be that there are chances that the muffler must have been altered.

7.      Brake Pads

A number of components combine together to form car brakes. The main function of the brake pads is to slow down the rotation of the wheels by compressing the brake discs, which would end up resulting in friction as well as heat.

8.      Exhaust Pipe

The combustion gases which are exhausted by the engines are carried in the exhaust pipe into a catalytic converter. Then later it is moved to the muffler and after that to the back of the car in the form of emissions.

 Steer to our amazing website for a wide range of automobile parts and accessories. We won’t let you down in any way as for us our customers are everything. Visit us as fast as you can.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Damaged Car Bumper or a Fender ? Willing to buy a new one? Parts Avatar Canada offers a wide range of car parts are equitable prices!!

Want to know which Car body parts get most damaged during the car accidents? Then Parts Avatar – Car Body Parts is here to help you out!!

It you own a car, and then it is very common to experience car body repairs. It can be done due to some car accident or if you have purchased a used car. When a car faces an accident or experiences some minor scrapes, then there are some auto body parts which generally absorb the brunt of the incident which took place.

Here is a list of some major car parts which get damaged during car accidents:

1.      Front Bumper

You can very well understand this point that why front bumper is at the top of the list. Most of the accidents occur when a vehicle is travelling in the front and the front bumper of our car is the first thing which would face the impact. Keep this thing in mind that collisions is not the only reason why bumper damaged occur. If you are not attentive while driving, then it can ultimately result in scraping the sides of your car bumper.

2.      Fender

Some of the people might get confused between a car bumper and a car fender, but both of them are actually two different auto parts. The bumpers are situated on the front as well as back of your car which are designed in such a way that they can absorb the impacts. On the other hand the fenders are the frame of the wheel well. Their main motive is to gather the road spray and to protect the car tires from throwing away the dirt and debris at the other cars as well as people who are walking on the roads. One similarity between the bumpers and fenders is that both of them absorb impact. If you face a situation of side collisions, then it can damage your car fenders.

3.      Rear Bumper

Nobody likes it, but the car rear bumpers get damaged a lot. The rear bumpers can get cracked, destroyed often and it can be due some minor crash or from backing into a post. Be very careful when you are trying to access some damage caused on a car rear bumper. If you have faced a crash and your car bumper has got damaged, then you must get your car bumper inspected properly.

4.      Grille

The part of the car which gets hit the most from the front after the car front bumper is the car grille. This auto part is designed in such a way that it would let fresh air to flow into the car engine compartment. The car grilles are tough enough, but they can get destroyed during the time of an accident. If your car grille gets damaged, then you must get it replaced immediately. The reasons behind this are that first of all it may start restricting the air flow which would cause a number of engine problems. Secondly the car would look bad. The first thing which other people notice in a car is a car grille and if you are driving with a damaged grille, then it would make your perfect car look extremely awful.

5.      Hood

There are a number of reasons due to which your car hood may get damaged. The first cause of crumpled car hood can be obviously accidents, but some other falling objects can also cause serious dents in your car hood. Make sure that you get your car hood replaced or repaired if it gets destroyed or else it can be pushed back into the passenger compartment of your car.

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. You cannot fix them on your own. You can replace the old body parts and get the new and latest ones online of your choice. Since you would be aware about the car parts, and then would be able to make a decision conveniently as to what you need. Do not worry as there are a lot of online stores which would provide you with car parts and tools at your doorstep. Visit Parts Avatar Canada – Car Parts and all your problems would vanish instantly. Just try to know your car the way you know your own body in which you live.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

It is very important to keep an eye on your car fluids!! Learn how to check your car fluids with Parts Avatar Car Parts Online

Willing to learn how to check essential fluids in your car? Wait no more as Parts Avatar Canada is to help you out!!

The day since the cars are invented, the drivers have found a lot of ways to make them more efficient as well as reliable. The cars which we have today are the best, but still they need some sort of maintenance. There are various fluids in a car which need the maximum amount of attention.

Fluids play a very major role in a car like helping in overall fuel economy and its longevity. If you will try to maintain them at a proper level, then it would help your car to last longer as well as drive better.

Have a look at ways to check various essential fluids in your car:

1.      Engine oil

At first comes the fuel and then after that is the most essential fluid in our car. The components of the engine keep on spinning thousands of times in a single minute and it is only possible because of oil which helps everything to move smoothly.

A lot of cars contain a dipstick in the engine bay which would let you inspect the oil. Once you turn off the engine, and then wait for around 10 minutes to check the oil. It would be the best time as now the oil would be settled down at the bottom and would get time to cool off. Then use a towel of a rag to wipe the dipstick once it had been pulled out. The see how much oil is left there in your engine, the dipstick has been marked with maximum and minimum indicators. The amount of oil on the dipstick should be near maximum. If you find out that it is below the minimum, then you must immediately add more. If the reading is low in the engine, then it would show that there is some leaking or burning oil issue which should be fixed as soon as possible or else can cause damage.

2.      Coolant

A large amount of heat is produced due to combustion and friction which keeps on happening in the engine. A coolant is also called antifreeze whose main function is to absorb the heat by the engine. If you will maintain a correct level of coolant, then it would prevent overheating. You must check the coolant after every 50,000 miles but if you find out that there is some other then you must know how to top it off as well. Remember this thing that you must not check the coolant if your engine is still hot.  A coolant which is pressurized can cause burns. Before you start checking the coolant, wait for the engine to cool down.

3.      Brake fluid

All of us are aware about the importance of car brakes. The brakes of the modern cars are hydraulic which means that the fluid connects the pedal to the brakes all by themselves. A plunger would start pressuring the brake fluid which lines inside the lines when you will step on the pedal which would cause the brake pads to clamp on the rotors and would gradually slow down your car.

If you wish to buy any replacement parts for your automobile, then you must visit our online store- Parts Avatar Car Parts Online. We will provide you with best quality of auto parts at very at marketable prices.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Get rid of all the dirt trapped on your car by washing it like a pro with Parts Avatar - Car Parts !

Learn how to wash your car like a pro with Parts Avatar Online!

All of us care a lot about our car exterior as well as interior parts and that’s why washing your car with big brushes can be extremely harmful than doing good, so you must DIY cash wash if you want to achieve top results.

Washing as well as waxing it is the best way with which you can keep your car clean and shiny. But in reality you can do much more than just performing these two things. Have a look at these two important steps mentioned below:

1.      Evaluate the condition of your vehicle

The first and foremost step is to evaluate the condition of your vehicle and this would help you to discover the path in which it should be cleaned. A car which is brand new would only require a quick wash and some wax to maintain it, but if your car is old and has a neglected exterior then it should be properly cleaned as well as polished.

2.      Read the Label

Before you start using any car cleaning chemical, it is extremely important to read the label carefully. The application of soap or wax can differ from one brand to another and from one vehicle to another. Let us understand this with the help of an example. You must not use a chrome wheel cleaner on an aluminium wheel as it can prove to be extremely acidic and would turn out ruining it. You must wash your towels after usage.

3.      Washing your car

You will be able to remove harmful contaminants from your car like dust, dirt as well as mud by washing it. Make sure that you use a car washing soap and not a liquid detergent in its place as it can damage your car paint. You can always by start by rinsing your car first so that larger pieces of dirt get washed away which can cause scratches.

4.      Prepare the surface

Now once you have washed your car, you would be able to see scratches and swirls which are not removed by washing. If you want to remove the scratches that are present below the surface, then must use a compound. You can easily apply it with your own hands by using applicator pads and once you have applied it, you can wipe it away soon.

5.      Polishing for Extra Gloss

Now this step is totally up to you, it is just like applying lotion to your skin. You can use your hand to apply polish or can also use a dual action polisher.

6.      Wax to protect

Due you apply sunscreen on your body? If the answer to this question is YES, the why not apply it to your car? Waxing is just like a sunscreen for your car. It would prevent your car from fading by adding a layer of protection from UV rays.

7.      Maintain a shine and protection

Now once you have completed the tough work of cleaning, washing and protecting your auto, then the next step is to take steps to maintain its overall appearance. You can always keep a microfiber cloth in your car trunk which would help you to remove dust easily.

8.      Wash the windows

If it very essential to clean your car windows. Do not use your household glass cleaners to wash your car windows as it contains ammonia which can damage the tint of your car window. Purchase a car window cleaner is you want top quality results.

If some of your car parts are damaged and you wish to buy brand new ones, then you must visit our aftermarket store- Parts Avatar Online.  We promise to provide you with the best quality of auto parts and other tools and accessories at economic prices.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Thinking of purchasing a used car? Parts Avatar Car Parts Online is here to help you out !!

Parts Avatar cares for its customers, that’s why we are here with some things that you must know before buying a used car

It can be a smart move to purchase a used car, but don’t make an impulsive decision or else you may end up wasting your hard earned money. You must knowledge as well as proper resources before you go out to visit a dealer or a private seller to make an informed decision.
Here are a few things which you should do before buying a used car:

1.      Define what you want
First of all you must sit down and ask all these questions to yourself:
·         How many people should fit in the car?
·         Do you want a small or a large car?
·         Are there some features without which you won’t be able to drive the car?

2.      Set your budget
Don’t ever get persuaded by a sales person to extend your budget to purchase a vehicle which you want. Your search would automatically get narrowed down if you will set a price range. The next thing which you must do is to negotiate a price with which you are fully comfortable. Do not share your budget with the dealer unless and until he makes an offer. This would provide you with more power to negotiate. Don’t forget this thing in mind that your budget should not just include funds for buying a car, but also money for inspecting the car parts as well as covering small repairs of damaged auto body parts if needed.

3.      Consider all financing options
If you are not planning to buy a car using cash, then you can always consider financing. You may get good rate when you take a car loan. Try to do some research and get rates from few places.

4.      Run a Carfax report
You will be able to know about the history of the car, if the car has experienced some sort of accident in the past or any such event with the help of Carfax report. There can be some dealerships which would help to run the reports for you or else you can always run a report all by yourself.

5.      Do a test drive
The most important step is to check how to car drives before you buy a used car. You can always test the car in different situations to understand it better. Take it on a highway and even on down hills to know its condition. If you find out that the car is uncomfortable or there is some issue with it which is turning you off, then there is no harm in walking away.

6.      Get the car inspected
You must take a trustworthy mechanic along with you while you are going out to purchase a car so that he can inspect all the car parts carefully.  You can mechanic would be able to check the car engine as well as should perform some other basis tests to check the overall condition of the vehicle. The seller might insist you that there are no mechanical problems or some other major defects in the car, but you must very that with a comprehensive inspection because there is surely some reason why the seller is getting rid of the car.

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. They can be very destructive and tough for the driver as well as for the passengers. You need not worry about the new body parts as you can easily get them at Parts Avatar Auto Parts Online and we assure you that you will get best quality of products at reasonable prices. Your vehicle would look new once again and provide you with full safety.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Are you aware that your car coolant is responsible for taking heat away from the engine and protecting the engine’s metal components from rusting.!!

Parts Avatar Canada is here tell you the importance of automotive cooling system

The main function of the engine cooling system is to manage the overall expansion of the auto parts when they are heated. You must be aware that the metal expands when it is heated and on the other hand it starts contracting when it becomes cold.

When we are talking about a car engine, then the expansion of heat affects the cylinder, heads as well as other internal moving parts. All these parts are of different metals as well as densities, that’s the reason why they start expanding at dissimilar rates. The measurement of the internal parts is taken when they are cold and in their expanded condition. Complete expansion takes place at 195 degrees F.

Method of Operation

The heat generated is transferred in the air with the radiator, a radiator cap, water pump, engine cooling fan and a thermostat. All of these are the parts of cooling system.

Hot coolant flows from the top of the radiator and then later on to the water pump. The coolant now flows from the cavities inside the engine block and the cylinder heads directly from the water pump and then later to the thermostat. The main target of the thermostat is to maintain the 195 degree temperature by differing the overall amount of coolant which is flowing to the radiator.

The thermostat remains closed so that it could prevent the overall circulation of the coolant when the car engine is cold. Due to this the temperature of the engine increases quickly to its best operating temperature. The thermostat opens at 195 degree and the coolant is circulated to maintain this temperature.

Here are some ways with which the cooling system can be compromised
·         The amount of air flowing from the radiator can be blocked or restricted
·         The radiator from the build up may be plugged
·     There can be some issues with the radiator cap due to which it is not able to hold the proper pressures
·         Decrease in the amount of coolant level
·         There can be some coolant leaks from the radiator, hoses, water pump and radiator cap
·         The hoses may start collapsing
·         The engine cooling fan may start failing
·         The thermostat may stuck opened or closed
·         The head gasket can blow out


Make sure that you do not open the radiator cap when the engine is hot. The radiator would be blown out due to the amount of heat created by the car engine, and this can also result in severe burns. You must touch the cap and radiator when they become cool.

There is no need to operate a vehicle which is overheating. Whenever you find out that it is overheating, then you must immediately shut the engine down and give it some time to cool. If an engine is overheated, it would result in blowing of a head gasket, which would later all the coolant to enter the car engine cylinders as well as crankcase.

If you wish to buy car cooling system parts for your automobile, then you must visit our online store- Parts Avatar Car Parts Online. We will provide you with best quality of auto parts at very at marketable prices.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Thinking of purchasing some new replacement parts for your car? Why don't you have a look at our auto parts website -

Parts Avatar would tell you some important factors to remember when buying car replacement parts
All of us love our car the most because it helps us in travelling from one location to another while providing comfort. Now since our car is so useful, that’s why it needs some maintenance and care. There are a lot of things in cars which should be looked over and if you will care for it properly, then it would surely run for a long time and at the same time would provide you a comfortable ride. Now since there are parts in your car and all of them have their own roles with which a car keeps on running smoothly, then you must be smart enough to take care of your car and its auto parts.

Problem can arise anywhere and at any point of time. There can a situation where your car may face some sort of breakdown and should be repaired. While repairing, you may also have to replace some damaged parts which cannot be repaired. So at that point of time you must act wisely and select the car parts which would enhance the working of your car and thus, provide best performance. There are certain things which you must keep in mind while purchasing new replacement parts for your car.
Factors to consider while buying Car Replacement Parts
If you are thinking of purchasing new replacement parts then you must follow the points mentioned below to buy top quality auto parts:
1.      Before you go out to purchase new replacement parts for your car, make sure that you have done enough amount of research as it would provide you with a lot of knowledge and information which would make your task a lot easier. You can always buy car replacement parts online.
2.       Make sure that your are verifying the authenticity of the auto parts which you are purchasing because you must know that the car parts which you are thinking to buy are original or not and their actual cost.
3.      Always try to negotiate with the price of the parts from the seller. There is no harm in it as you do not know how much do they actually cost to the seller of the parts and how much price you should actually pay for it. That’s why try to negotiate as much as possible so that you get the auto part at the lowest price from the dealer.
4.      It is not at all necessary to pay the same amount of price to the seller which is actually quoted when you are looking forward to buy new auto replacement parts. Try to look for some coupons to avail discounts and other offers on the car replacement parts.
5.      Make sure that you buy the car replacement parts from a right dealer.
If you wish to buy replacement parts for your automobile so that you can repair your car all by yourself, then you must visit Parts Avatar Car Parts.  The online body parts which we offer are of best quality and would be totally as per your need. We will not let you down.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Do you know that first Steering Wheel Invented in Cleveland, Ohio? Read on this article to know more about car steering system

Want to know the importance of Car Steering System? Parts Avatar Canada is here help you out!

It is always good to have a powerful car engine as well as great transmission would a lot in transferring the raw energy to the car wheels, but have you ever thought that what would you do if you don’t have a way to control those wheels in the direction where you wish to go? In that case you will be just left with a highly glorified street luge. If you will not have a steering wheel in your car, then your car would just keep on rolling along which would be totally dependent upon the gravity which would take the lead.

You must give equal amount of importance to a car steering wheel as much as you give it to a car engine and transmission. Both of them make efforts to provide energy to the wheels, but it is actually the steering wheel with the help of which you can control the direction of the wheels. It would help you to go right left or in any other direction whatever you wish for.  The main function of the steering wheel is to move the wheels of the car as energy is applied on the wheels. Don’t forget that it is a complex system.

Steering: Essential to Driving

Changing the cars direction would become impossible for us in the absence of a car steering wheel. That’s the reason why it is an important car component which would ensure you a safer driving by giving the power to control the car wheels. We all manipulate the gear shift lever from time to time, but we cannot take our hands off a car steering wheel.

Noticing the Steering Wheel Shaking?

If you are driving your car on road and you find out that your car steering wheel is shaking, then there is definitely some sort of issue with the car suspension system or the car tires. Your wheels can also become loose if you start experiencing the feeling of vibration. Make sure that you get your vehicle inspected from a car mechanic at the first sign of a problem. Then no further damage as well as issues would be caused to your vehicle. If there are some problems with the car tires, then you can always get them aligned as it would reduce the wear and tear on tires.

Basic Steering Components

It doesn’t matter which car you own, its steering mechanism would 3-4 general components. Have a look at them below:

1.      Steering Wheel

All of us are aware what a steering wheel means. We hold and control a car steering wheel during driving. Earlier the steering wheels used to be in a very large diameter and were thinner in size which was made up of plastic. But nowadays, the steering wheels are padded, making you feel comfortable holding them for extended periods.

2.      Steering Shaft and Column

The steering wheel is connected to the steering system with the help of steering column and shaft. The modern cars today have a telescoping steering shaft which has two steel tubes; out of them one is solid while the other one is hollow.

3.      Tie rods
There is a steering knuckle located in every wheel which gets power or fore which is coming from the steering gear with the help of tie rods. The wheels turn because of this transfer of power.
Steer to our amazing website for a wide range of car steering system parts. We won’t let you down in any way as for us our customers are everything. Visit us as fast as you can.