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Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

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Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

what do different colored exhaust smokes coming out of exhaust pipe mean?? Diagnose this problem at PartsAvatar.

Learn how toquickly check your car’s health from the color of the smoke emitted by your car exhaust – Tips from Partsavatar Aftermarket Parts.

You can easily determine an auto malfunction from the smoke emissions. It is definitely time to pay attention to your car if you notice smoke of different colors emitting from exhaust tailpipe.

Not all type of smokes determine auto malfunction. In some cases, if you notice a large amount of smoke coming out of car exhaust pipe, you would more or less consider that something is wrong with your car’s engine. But it is to be noted that it is not always the same case. Not all automotive problems can be detected from smoke types. But still, how do you know that the smoke is ruining your engine? When do you think is the time to visit the mechanic once you notice smoke?

Parts Avatar gives you the answer. In this article, we shall differentiate between different colored auto smokes that you must be familiar with along with their causes.

What are the Causes of Smoke?

First and foremost let us know why the smoke is produced before analyzing different colors of smoke. If there is some problem with the engine that produces smoke, that smoke makes its exit through the exhaust.

Sometimes, fire under the hood produces engine smoke and in the worst case flames may start coming out which could lead to a disaster. Do yourself a favor and get far away from your car if you notice something like this. It is foolish decision to keep on driving as it will eventually become risky for your safety.

Oil dripping from leaking valve cover gasket into the hot manifold may also produce smoke. You will also notice oil pooling under the car or the driveway if the leak is large.You can replace car valve cover gasket under aftermarket prices which are quite cheap.

So, not always there is issue with engine. But to begin with, smoke is not a good sign. Hand over your car to a certified technician and let him figure out what to do. Now let us discuss causes of different colored smoke emitted out of exhaust.

White Exhaust Smoke
Sometimes small amount of condensed vapors come out of exhaust in the form of white smoke. It is not that dangerous though. Vapors quickly dissipate in the atmosphere after exiting car exhaust tailpipe. But if your car is producing frequent thick white smoke, then it might be alarming.There is possibility that coolant might be burning inside the internal combustion chamber. There are various causes behind this as follows.

Cylinder Head
As the combustion chamber is located in the cylinder head, most explosive processes take place in here.Engine misfires are always caused due to cracks in cylinder head.

The crack in the cylinder head causes the coolant to enter the combustion chamber.
Due to too much heat inside the chamber, overheating can be caused. Due to immense heat, a lot of stress is put on cylinder head. As the cooling system has already failed and pressure has been built, this whole scenario causes the head gasket to malfunction and the cylinder head starts to crack. When the mixture of coolant and fuel is burnt for combustion process, it produces white smoke.

Auto Cylinder heads are one of the car’s costly repairs. Your car may need complete replacement of cylinder head. If the cylinder heads are ignored, by time the damage is so big that you might need to consider buying a new car.

Blown Head Gasket
The basic purpose of head gasket is to seal the block and the cylinder head. Often a damaged head gasket or cracks in the engine block makes passage for the coolant to enter the combustion chamber and get mixed with the fuel. Thus white smoke is produced. car's engine Head gaskets are cheap to purchase but at the same time costly when it comes to the labor.

Cracked engine block
A crack in the deck of engine block near the coolant jacket will cause the coolant to enter the combustion chamber.Cracked engine block can become a grave problem for your car’s engine. It is virtually impossible to repair a cracked engine block. Engine block supports almost all the components of the engine.

A crack in the block will cause huge leakages making your car emit white smoke. It is better to get an engine replacement as a whole.

It is to be noted that emission of white smoke is the first sign of engine overheating problem.Overheating of engine can lead to massive auto component damage under the hood. So call your mechanic immediately.

Gray/Blue Exhaust Smoke

A malfunctioning turbocharger or burning of oil in the combustion chamber can cause the exhaust to emit blue smoke.You might need to replace turbocharger of your car if it is faulty.These are possible symptoms.

Transmission fluid leakage
The transmission fluid used by your vehicle’s transmission might be leaking and getting mixed with the oil or fuel and getting burnt. A malfunctioning transmission vacuum modulator may be the culprit here which is causing the leakage and burning.

Leaking Valve stem seal
The valve stems regulate the oil to lubricate the guides in the chamber. Grey emissions might be produced due to faulty stem seals as they make the way for the oil to enter the combustion chamber. The best way is to either replace Auto Valve stem seal set or just replace the engine if the damage is quite big. Worn or damaged piston rings, damaged valve guides also cause grey smoke to be emitted out of the exhaust.Replace car's piston rings in combustion chamber too.

Stuck PCV Valve
Blue or gray smoke could also be produced due to immense crankcase pressure caused by the stuck PCV Valve. Stuck valve may cause oil leakage into the chamber thus producing grey fumes. If they are loose, tighten PCV Valve of car and check whether the smoke persists. Otherwise call your mechanic for better advice.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Burning of excessive fuel in the engine often causes the black exhaust smoke to emit. This means that too much gas is entering the chamber but only small amount of fuel is being burnt. In this case fill your gas tank with relevant amount of fuel. Let us take a look at some other causes.

Dirty Air filter
The air filter allows the oxygen to enter the combustion chamber and blocks other substances from entering the chamber. But if it is clogged, less air is allowed in the chamber resulting in your car burning too much fuel with small amount of oxygen which results in black smoke. It is better to replace the car air filter if you notice any symptom of malfunction.

Faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator
Our car’s fuel system is designed to work in different range of pressures.The fuel pressure regulator controls the pressure with which your car runs. A faulty regulator may cause the pressure to fluctuate and if it falls too low then there may not be enough fuel reaching the engine to start it. Replace the fuel pressure regulator if necessary.

Clogged Fuel injectors
Fuel injectors are the devices that are used to spray small amount of atomized gasoline into the vehicle’s Engine intake manifold which is meant to mix with the oxygen to start your car’s engine. A faulty fuel injector will cause too much fuel to leak inside the chamber which in turn produces black smoke. The remedy is to repair the auto fuel injectors.

Fuel Return
A restricted fuel return line allows too much fuel to be dissipated for combustion purposes. If the amount of fuel for combustion is higher than normal, more fuel will be burnt and the rate of burnt gases leaving the combustion chamber will also increase resulting in black smoke.

Burning excessive fuel will affect your car’s fuel economy. So pay attention to what it needs to ensure more miles for your car.

Bottom line
If your vehicle is running on too much oil, engine is burning too much oil or if you notice oil or coolant leakage, then there is a possibility that your engine is malfunctioning.

Smoke depicts that the car is in distress. Always diagnose what needs to be repaired and beware of the fake auto repair shops. Take advice from a professional or even take second opinion. Don’t wait for the engine light to flash.
Keep an eye on the smoke emitter by your car’s exhaust and keep proper level of Auto transmission fluid and coolant of car in your car.

For best deal of aftermarket Auto parts visit

Monday, May 8, 2017

Are you experiencing problems while shifting gears. Check out the importance and need of Transmission flush @Partsavatar

What is a Transmission Flush? Do you really need a Transmission Flush for your Car? Check out the signs and symptoms. – Parts Canada.

Transmission flush gets rid of all the fluid in the pan, cooler lines and torque converter. All of the old fluid is flushed out and brand new fluid is added. It is advised generally to get your car or truck’s transmission flush every 30000 miles, but there are times when you may need to perform transmission flush on your vehicle even sooner. In this article we will read about certain signs that show that your car may need a transmission flush in detail.

But before moving further, let us know more about transmission flush and its importance.

Transmission Flush
Transmission flush is a maintenance process in which the old oil is flushed and new oil is added along with the elimination of debris present in the old oil using special equipment. It is a safe service for your car and it is recommended to perform the flush every 3 years for better driving experience.

Some manufacturers do not recommend getting a transmission flush as they think that getting a transmission flush may increase car’s transmission problems.The reason why transmission fail right after flush is not because of the flush itself, but because the transmission was already on the verge of failure. So, flush is just like a regular service. It is not meant to repair the transmission system of your car.

The cost of transmission flush may depend on various factors like vehicle’s make and model, your locality, additional replacement, equipments used and the shop you visit. But in general, the average cost of transmission flush is approximately $150. As transmission flush is meant to replace the old fluid with the new one, you may need 11-21 liters of fluid to replace.

Sometimes, car's Automatictransmission filter and Automatic transmission pans are replaced along with the transmission flush. It’s a good thing to do and worth your money as it just extends your transmission’s life.

While flushing out the transmission fluid,you are not only removing old oil but also flushing out the dirt and debris from the engine. Thus you are improving the performance and lifespan of engine along with the transmission.

Your car’s owner manual is your best guide. Go through it and you will know when your car needs transmission flush to be performed. You can also consult your car’s dealer or a professional.

Signs that your car needs transmission flush
We have had enough knowledge regarding transmission flush. Following are the signs that your car may need transmission flush.

Transmission Grinding and dark fluid color

If your transmission fluid is contaminated with dirt, grease and sludge, then it is the time to replace the dirty fluid with a new one. When your car is running low on transmission fluid, it may show symptoms like making weird noises and grinding of transmission. In this case, just stop the vehicle and check your transmission fluid level.

Note that the transmission fluid’s color is bright red. If your notice dark sludge fluids in your transmission or even leaking transmission, then do yourself a favor and get the transmission flush done along with replacement of transmission pan and filter.

Bad odors also indicate need for transmission flush. But if you notice burning smell, then it might be too late to get a transmission flush. Take your vehicle to the mechanic as there might be problem with car’s transmission.

Vehicle changing gears too quickly or too late
Dirty transmission fluid also affects the working of gears. You may find it hard to change the gears either in automatic or manual mode if your car has sluggish or dirty transmission fluid. So if you find any problem while changing gears visit your mechanic and get transmission flush done.

Transmission is slipping
A dirty transmission will cause lack of hydraulic power. Transmission does not develop enough pressure required to change the gears if there are contaminants present in the transmission fluid as they may clog their way.

You may need a transmission flush, if you find that your transmission is slipping and is having problems staying in gear. There are various causes behind a slipping transmission. All you have to do is to visit a professional and get a suitable advice. There might be lack of proper fluid, worn out gears or bad torque converter instead of flush. So, get a good advice!

Oxidized fluid
To check oxidation, you can put some drops of fluid on a paper towel. If the fluid does not disperse, then it might be oxidized and your car is in grave need of a new Automatic transmission fluid.

Unexpected surging of vehicle
You may notice unexpected surging and jumping of your car when your car is running on contaminated transmission fluid. Inadequate transmission flow causes the car to surge. For the smooth operation of gears and transmission bell housing, your immediate need is a clean transmission fluid.
So, without any delay, get the flush done.

Consult your manufacturer
It is better to consult your car’s manufacturer before getting transmission flush. This is because many car dealers and manufacturers do not recommend transmission flush to be done. They believe that by getting transmission flush sooner, we are actually damaging car’s transmission. It is better to follow your manufacturer’s advice and if they suggest you to do the flush every 45000 miles then it is best to do so.

You might be actually voiding the warranty by doing a transmission flush. So it is very important to go through your manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly.

Transmission fluid change Vs Transmission Flush
There is always a debate going on between transmission flush and transmission fluid change. Parts avatar simplifies the difference between fluid change and transmission flush.Let’s take a look.

Transmission flush

1.It removes all of the contaminated and old fluid.
2.The pan should be dropped and the filter replaced.
3.Along with addition of new fluid, the contaminants are removed.
4.Recommended every 45000 miles or 3 years.
5.Uses Auto transmission cooler line machine or pump inlet.
6.Improve performance of your car.

Transmission Fluid change

1.It removes half of the old fluid.
2.The pan should be dropped and the filter replaced.
3.Recommended every 30000 miles or 2 years.
4.Uses gravitational forces.
5.Does not flush out the contaminants
6.Improve performance of your car.

Note that while performing either transmission flush or transmission fluid change, manufacturer’s recommended fluid should be used.

So, if you notice these symptoms mentioned above, then consult your mechanic and get the appropriate service done to your car’s transmission system. You can also consult our experts at for any information regarding aftermarket products.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Is your Mechanic scamming you with extra repairs? Learn how to save yourself from auto repair scammers @Parts Avatar

Watch out for these tricks and pitfalls used by shady mechanics to scam you! Stick with reliable mechanics and save on Auto Repairs – By Aftermarket Auto Parts.


Whenever we have any car related problem we rush to the mechanic immediately. But not every mechanic is good. Most of the mechanics trap the vulnerable drivers by stating false repairs to be needed. “High Scare equals high profit”, says John Ibbotson who is consumer report chief mechanic and working in auto parts business since 1990.

Most mechanics believe the fact that their customers know nothing about their car. Based on that fact they try to scare and scam you regarding useless repairs they mention.They forge with the bills by adding extra repair cost. Actually those repairs have been done on their useless suggestion. So, beware of the extra charges and get to know your vehicle more.

Parts avatar suggests some item that you should watch out for while visiting a mechanic, as the mechanic may scam money by using those items as bait.It’s better to take second opinion of other certified professional or even a knowledgeable friend.Let us have a look at some scenarios that you need to watch out for.

Brake repair scam
Some dishonest auto services often practice brake repair scam services. We are often advised by our mechanic to replace brake rotors of car along with the brake pads. It has been observed that some mechanics offer cheap brake rotor replacement and also claim to offer lifetime brake pads by giving low quality brake pads in reality. It is advised to use either Aftermarket equivalent standard product or better go for an OEM.

When you need to replace the car brake pads, it is not compulsory or necessary to do so with brake rotors.Your mechanic will convince you in changing rotors and there are chances that inappropriate brake rotors may lead to more expensive repairs in future. So, better watch out!

Ask your friend before any replacement.You can search or read the symptoms of bad rotor and brake pads on internet. You can take advice from different repair shops so that you will have to pay a reasonable price for the brake repair. Always buy vehicle relevant aftermarket brake pads or rotors for replacement or original one instead of using mechanic’s own product as it won’t last long.

Spark plug replacement
Auto Spark plugs are also important component of ignition system. They provide with necessary spark that is needed to ignite the air fuel mixture within the cylinders. Problems with vehicle’s engine are prominent whenever the spark plugs go bad.

In older engine’s there was a time when you needed spark plug replacement twice a year because engine didn’t burn fuel efficiently. But if your car has traveled fewer than 100000 miles, and your mechanic is suggesting you for spark plug replacement, you better take a second opinion.Engines with new technology are less prone to wear and aging of spark plug so there may be a chance that your mechanic is not honest.

Air filter replacement
This is most popular car repair scam practiced by most mechanics (dishonest ones!).When you take your vehicle for regular service to the mechanic, he may tell you that your car’s air filter needs replacement.Car Air filters seldom need to be replaced. Even when you need replacement, it is a DIY project and you can easily perform the replacement process yourself without help of mechanic.

There are several videos and stories on internet that tell how the mechanics intentionally put mulch and leaves into the filter to make it look as if it needs replacement.You better search for the symptoms that could lead to a failed air filter and then you can yourself do the replacement.Air filters are quite cheaply available at aftermarket online stores which provide same standards and functionality as that of original ones.

Oil change scam and faking Leaks

Oil change is very important when it comes to maintenance. When we go to mechanic for vehicle’s oil change, the mechanic advises you to use either synthetic or premium high quality oil instead of the low quality oil that you have been using previously. He will also tell you to repair some problems that he noticed while checking your vehicle.Some fake auto shops spray coolant on a part of an engine purposely to make it look like a leak. You better ask them to properly show you the leak that’s causing this dripping of coolant. It is advised to better go to a certified, trust able mechanic from the very beginning.

Flushing of fluids
Some auto repair shops unnecessarily offer to flush out the auto coolant and car's power steering fluids. Cars are designed to go 100000 miles with fluids. It is very rare when you need fluid flushing and it happens under certain circumstances. Go through your vehicle’s owner manual. Replacing a fluid could also cause an old transmission to fail.You will find information about fluid flushing.  Take a professionals help and advice.

Offering free inspection on tire rotation
If any auto repair shop is offering you free check up of vehicle or even free tire rotation check up, be forewarned. This could also lead to a planned scam. Whenever you visit for free check up, mechanics scare you by stating different unnecessary problems with your car and offer as many things to repair as possible. You could just be wasting your hard earned money by going for a free inspection of your car. So watch out!

Watch out!

You read about certain elements that could be tempered by the mechanic in the name of repair. Let us read about some preventive measure that you can take to shield yourself from auto shop scammers and save your cash.

·          Mechanics should be paid by the hour, not for the part that they repair or replace or merely touch.

 If the mechanic doesn’t get the repair done efficiently for the first time, it is not wise to pay him. Do not pay your mechanic unless you are satisfies with your car’s performance. Otherwise mechanics would charge you again and again for any problem with the previous repair he has done.
             Most mechanics sell additives and tell that they miraculously cure your vehicle.Additives don’t harm your car but they also don’t make the car run faster at the same time. Additives can be used to clean a specific component but not every time. So don’t get forged.

                Mostly auto repair shops use scare tactics to sell what they want to. Beware of those who say” it’s impossible for your car to drive another mile”.Never get scared of any tactic they use and always instead counter scare them by saying that you need time to take a second opinion.

                You should inspect the auto repair shop for the state license of your country. Many shops proudly display their license.

              Any mechanic who says that he doesn’t need any technical tool to analyze the condition of your engine should be avoided.
                Never sign a blank authorization form. Be aware of repair jobs and warranties that are applicable.

    Unless you are using second opinion as a counter scare tactic, do not tell your mechanic that you took second opinion before coming.

     They will give you free replacement of mufflers stating that they would last long. But you could be heading towards an expensive repair road as car exhaust mufflers and pipes are quite expensive to repair.

      Some of the expensive parts like catalytic converters or exhaust and emission parts have long warranty and free replacement provided by law. Consult your manufacturer before going for other replacement.

     Do not let your mechanic to keep your car’s old parts. This way can you can inspect if they have been changed and you can show them to your friend for second opinion.

    Do not forget to test drive your car to access the performance.

     Before buying new tires know what your state’s tire tread specifications are. Then let the mechanic check the old tread with a gauge.

This way, if a mechanic is trying to overcharge you for car repairs, you will see it coming. Take second opinion and research before going to the mechanic.

For more information about Aftermarket auto replacement parts chat with a knowledgeable expert at

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Are you an off road driving enthusiast. Partsavatar suggests some tips and techniques for safer and fun off roading!

Increase your Skills and safety with this guide to off roading – Brought to you by PartsAvatar Replacement Car Parts.

Off roading is increasing in its popularity and every year the number of enthusiast is increasing.Drivers of all ages love to challenge themselves with different obstacles and they are keenly upgrading their trucks or jeeps with right set of tires and steel bumpers.

There are certain techniques for driving that are required for your safety. Off roading can be fun if you are using right equipment for your vehicle. In this article we shall discuss some important equipments that need special consideration while buying an off road truck and techniques for your safety.

Considerations for buying an Off Road truck
If you are not having enough ground clearance from the floor to the bottom of the truck, then it will result in immediate damage and getting stuck. It is advised to use steel skid plates.

Bigger tires should be considered first for off roading. Bigger tires provide great amount of traction and more contact with the surface. Thus choose bigger tires over normal ones.

If your vehicle’s air intake is not high and you wish to enter deep water region then you might be risking the life of your truck’s engine. Water is not good for engine as it hinders its performance and air intakes hoses of car basically prevent foreign particles like water from entering the engine. Make sure the air intake is installed high.

Pre Departure Maintenance and Repairs needed before venturing off road
There are certain equipments that need to be maintained properly before you begin your drive. Off roading is quite different from normal drive and often considered as rough and for fun. Certain things depend upon where you are heading to but we provide you with an ultimate checklist that is must for all types of conditions.

Check the Fluids
Fluids are very important for our vehicle as different types of fluids support different types of purposes like cooling, lubrication, wiping etc. check all the fluid levels and leaks and it is wise to carry extra fluid with you for any future breakdown. Check all the necessary fluids- car's coolants, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, auto power steering fluid, oil, ATFs and differentials before venturing off. Do not ignore car's air filter and if it needs repairs or replacement get it done before hand.

Inspect the Shocks
It is better to replace the car's shocks if they show any sign of leakage or aging.

Ball joints
Check all auto ball joints, wheel bearings or tie rod ends of car for any sign of wearing. Visit your mechanic for proper inspection of possible damages to the ball joints.

Belts and hoses
There is a possibility of damaging lower radiator hose of car while off roading. So, it is advised to carry spare belts and hoses. Check the car's alternator and auto water pumps and if they need replacement, get the job done before any delay. Serpentine belts are much in fashion now as they are less prone to failure but are difficult to change at the same time. Still, it is not a bad idea to carry a spare auto serpentine belt.

Spare tire
There is always a danger of getting flat tire while offroading so carrying a spare tire and wheel with you is a good decision to take. Make sure that all the tires are properly inflated to proper highway speed pressures.

Tool kit
Carry quality tools in your tool kit so that it can help you when you are stuck somewhere. Many online stores offer affordable tool kits or auto tool kit accessories, so upgrade it with them.

Check Brake pads and Shoes
Check the car brake pads and auto brake shoes beforehand. Worn out brake pads may get your safety at risk. Call your mechanic if you notice any sign of aging with respect to brake pads and shoes. Bleed the brakes properly for best performance from braking system.

Check the Steering and Suspension
Visit your professional and get the steering and suspension system parts of car inspected for any signs of damage and aging. It is very important for the safe driving to have good control over steering.

Tips for safe off road drive
Regardless of the experience, all drivers or off road enthusiast should practice safe driving skills when negotiating obstacle on the trail. Follow these simple suggestions for your safe off road driving.

Avoid driving diagonally on hills
Hills are as far the most dangerous areas for off road driving. Always drive straight up or down the hill or steep terrains.Driving diagonally unbalances the vehicle by shifting the weight to the lower wheels thus resulting in a roll over.

Always keep the tires on the path and prevent sliding by moving slowly. Prevent sideways rollover and straighten your truck by counter steer and avoid damages to aftermarket truck bumpers.

When driving over logs or ditches
Cross the ditches or logs at an angle so that one wheel at a time crosses the obstacle and the other three help the wheel to climb over. Do not allow one of the front or rear tire to get into the ditch at the same time as it could get you into vulnerable position.

Drive within your ability

It is advised to drive within your ability. It is wise to have knowledge about trail before beginning. Bigger obstacles and challenges sound fascinating at once but without proper tools, equipments and knowledge, the situation would become head grabbing. It is very important to have full knowledge of your truck. By knowledge we mean the ability to handle any obstacle because you drive your truck and nobody knows more than you do about your truck. Gain proper knowledge, and start with small trails and obstacles. Get used to it and after that it is safer to go on different adventure.

Maintain and upgrade your truck parts with necessary tools and equipments for more fun and safe experience.

When off roading, tire pressure is everything
Keep in mind that tire pressure is everything when off roading. Reducing the tire pressure will increase the traction on sand and gravel. Always follow the manufacturer’s standards if you are driving on a highway. Get the best use of bigger tires by adjusting the air pressure up or down depending on driving conditions and make the driving easier and safer.

Proper hand positioning
Many drivers have a mad habit of driving with their thumbs around the steering wheel. While driving off road, any sudden jerk could result in a broken thumb. Wrap your fingers accurately on the steering wheel. It provides a secure grip to the steering wheel and much safer drive.

Safety should be the first priority of the off road truckers. It is time to practice good driving habits than using high prized safety equipments and steel bumpers. At the end of the day, it good to have off roading knowledge and common sense if you wish to enjoy your off roading experience.