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Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

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Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Taking care of your car or truck’s transmission is important for its long-term health.!!

The importance of Clutch for your vehicle’s Transmission System

A car clutch is a very essential part of the transmission system. The power from the car engine is transferred to the transmission system with the help of a car clutch as it uses a complicated mechanism. The people, who have a manual transmission auto, will experience a sync between the car engine and the car transmission system once the clutch has been operated. Generally the role of the clutch is to connect the two shafts which would help in lock them and making them spin at the same speed. Every thought how are you able to stop your car without stalling the car engine? It is all because of car clutch.

One of the most regularly used component in a car is a clutch. You are well aware that whenever you wish to shift your car gears, you have to operate your car clutch pedal. It is also used whenever you want to stop your vehicle at a slow speed. There are a lot of mechanical components in a car clutch and that’s the reason why it has to experience wear and tear on regular basis. If you want your car to function perfectly, then make sure that your car clutch should be in good working condition.

A damaged car clutch would give invitation to a lot of problems. Whenever you notice any sort of issue from the car clutch, you must get it repaired or replaced in time. Waiting for a long period of time would only increase the issue. You are well aware that the issues are caused because of mechanical wear or tear and they cannot be solved by themselves. You will have to visit a car mechanic who can diagnose the issues.

Most common Clutch related problems

The most common complaint regarding a car clutch is the slipping of a car clutch. The main reason behind this is bad driving habits of the person sitting behind the car steering wheel. This problem also occurs if an inexperienced driver is driving the car. Make sure that you get this issue resolved at time or else you will have to pay a large amount of money to get it repaired later on. It occurs due to large amount of wear and tear. If your car is brand new or you have got new car clutch installed and still you are experiencing slipping clutch issues, then you must immediately visit a car mechanic so that he can diagnose the main issue which is giving rise to slipping clutch problems.

Clutch sticking is another usual car clutch problem. If you are facing this issue, then it means that you must get your clutch cable replaced or there might be some sort of oil contamination.

A person who is a good driver would come to know that there are some issues with the car clutch or the transmission system after understanding the signals given out by his or her vehicle. The possible symptoms are squeaking noises, weird sound and rumbling noises.

If you are willing to replace your old car clutch with a new one and want to buy various other aftermarket car parts, then you can always visit to We offer the best quality of products of affordable prices.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Are you experiencing problems while shifting gears. Check out the importance and need of Transmission flush @Partsavatar

What is a Transmission Flush? Do you really need a Transmission Flush for your Car? Check out the signs and symptoms. – Parts Canada.

Transmission flush gets rid of all the fluid in the pan, cooler lines and torque converter. All of the old fluid is flushed out and brand new fluid is added. It is advised generally to get your car or truck’s transmission flush every 30000 miles, but there are times when you may need to perform transmission flush on your vehicle even sooner. In this article we will read about certain signs that show that your car may need a transmission flush in detail.

But before moving further, let us know more about transmission flush and its importance.

Transmission Flush
Transmission flush is a maintenance process in which the old oil is flushed and new oil is added along with the elimination of debris present in the old oil using special equipment. It is a safe service for your car and it is recommended to perform the flush every 3 years for better driving experience.

Some manufacturers do not recommend getting a transmission flush as they think that getting a transmission flush may increase car’s transmission problems.The reason why transmission fail right after flush is not because of the flush itself, but because the transmission was already on the verge of failure. So, flush is just like a regular service. It is not meant to repair the transmission system of your car.

The cost of transmission flush may depend on various factors like vehicle’s make and model, your locality, additional replacement, equipments used and the shop you visit. But in general, the average cost of transmission flush is approximately $150. As transmission flush is meant to replace the old fluid with the new one, you may need 11-21 liters of fluid to replace.

Sometimes, car's Automatictransmission filter and Automatic transmission pans are replaced along with the transmission flush. It’s a good thing to do and worth your money as it just extends your transmission’s life.

While flushing out the transmission fluid,you are not only removing old oil but also flushing out the dirt and debris from the engine. Thus you are improving the performance and lifespan of engine along with the transmission.

Your car’s owner manual is your best guide. Go through it and you will know when your car needs transmission flush to be performed. You can also consult your car’s dealer or a professional.

Signs that your car needs transmission flush
We have had enough knowledge regarding transmission flush. Following are the signs that your car may need transmission flush.

Transmission Grinding and dark fluid color

If your transmission fluid is contaminated with dirt, grease and sludge, then it is the time to replace the dirty fluid with a new one. When your car is running low on transmission fluid, it may show symptoms like making weird noises and grinding of transmission. In this case, just stop the vehicle and check your transmission fluid level.

Note that the transmission fluid’s color is bright red. If your notice dark sludge fluids in your transmission or even leaking transmission, then do yourself a favor and get the transmission flush done along with replacement of transmission pan and filter.

Bad odors also indicate need for transmission flush. But if you notice burning smell, then it might be too late to get a transmission flush. Take your vehicle to the mechanic as there might be problem with car’s transmission.

Vehicle changing gears too quickly or too late
Dirty transmission fluid also affects the working of gears. You may find it hard to change the gears either in automatic or manual mode if your car has sluggish or dirty transmission fluid. So if you find any problem while changing gears visit your mechanic and get transmission flush done.

Transmission is slipping
A dirty transmission will cause lack of hydraulic power. Transmission does not develop enough pressure required to change the gears if there are contaminants present in the transmission fluid as they may clog their way.

You may need a transmission flush, if you find that your transmission is slipping and is having problems staying in gear. There are various causes behind a slipping transmission. All you have to do is to visit a professional and get a suitable advice. There might be lack of proper fluid, worn out gears or bad torque converter instead of flush. So, get a good advice!

Oxidized fluid
To check oxidation, you can put some drops of fluid on a paper towel. If the fluid does not disperse, then it might be oxidized and your car is in grave need of a new Automatic transmission fluid.

Unexpected surging of vehicle
You may notice unexpected surging and jumping of your car when your car is running on contaminated transmission fluid. Inadequate transmission flow causes the car to surge. For the smooth operation of gears and transmission bell housing, your immediate need is a clean transmission fluid.
So, without any delay, get the flush done.

Consult your manufacturer
It is better to consult your car’s manufacturer before getting transmission flush. This is because many car dealers and manufacturers do not recommend transmission flush to be done. They believe that by getting transmission flush sooner, we are actually damaging car’s transmission. It is better to follow your manufacturer’s advice and if they suggest you to do the flush every 45000 miles then it is best to do so.

You might be actually voiding the warranty by doing a transmission flush. So it is very important to go through your manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly.

Transmission fluid change Vs Transmission Flush
There is always a debate going on between transmission flush and transmission fluid change. Parts avatar simplifies the difference between fluid change and transmission flush.Let’s take a look.

Transmission flush

1.It removes all of the contaminated and old fluid.
2.The pan should be dropped and the filter replaced.
3.Along with addition of new fluid, the contaminants are removed.
4.Recommended every 45000 miles or 3 years.
5.Uses Auto transmission cooler line machine or pump inlet.
6.Improve performance of your car.

Transmission Fluid change

1.It removes half of the old fluid.
2.The pan should be dropped and the filter replaced.
3.Recommended every 30000 miles or 2 years.
4.Uses gravitational forces.
5.Does not flush out the contaminants
6.Improve performance of your car.

Note that while performing either transmission flush or transmission fluid change, manufacturer’s recommended fluid should be used.

So, if you notice these symptoms mentioned above, then consult your mechanic and get the appropriate service done to your car’s transmission system. You can also consult our experts at for any information regarding aftermarket products.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fixing a car yourself saves a lot of money but some repairs should be carried out by Professionals. Take a look!

Don’t try out the repairs as a beginner as some repairs are meant to be done by certified mechanics or professionals – Partsavatar Repair Parts.

 It feels good when we solve our auto related problems ourselve by taking help from YouTube do it yourself videos or car’s owner manual. Mechanical work is quite hard so the labor is costly itself. By repairing our self, we can save a lot of money.
But some car repairs are meant to be done by professionals. This is because as a beginner your minor mistake could get the auto part into problem and also there are certain safety issues.

Professionals are trained in this work and they know better. There are certain big issues that should be handled by a professional or certified mechanic. Let us have a look at some of the repairs that you should not try your hands on.

Timing Belt

Every part wears out by time, so does timing belts. Partsavatar advises not to take the initiative of repairing the timing belts.The process of replacement of timing belt requires disassembling about half of the engine parts. If you successfully replace the timing belts, you might not be able to reassemble them successfully. In this case you are just adding additional repair costs in your list. The slightest mistake could do long term and irreparable harm to your car’s engine.

Repairing and replacing a timing belt could cost up to $1000. If the engine had been damaged you will definitely have to pay more charges. Let your trusted certified mechanic handle it. You can also purchase aftermarket timing belt of car for replacement at cheap prices from online stores like Parts Avatar.

Fuel System Fixes
Fuel system fixes are quite dangerous as any mistake could cause garage fire. So it is strictly advised to consider your safety seriously and avoid doing replacement like fuel pump, fuel tank, injectors, rails or pressurized lines.For example, fuel pump is very delicate and expensive auto part to replace if it breaks. But getting the repair wrong can lead to catastrophic failure in the car and your car might have to be scraped completely. It is to be noted that always use quality oil and fuel in the vehicle for good performance and more life.

Visit your professional immediately whenever you encounter any problem regarding these parts. Buy affordable aftermarket fuel system parts like Engine fuel pump of car, auto fuel tanks and auto fuel injectors at Parts Avatar’s online store.

Transmission is the most complex part of the car. It’s a twisted maze of gears, bearings, rods and tensioners. Due to its complexity, its not a job of an average mechanic or a beginner. You might put your life at risk if the job is not done carefully and correctly.
Transmission costs like its complexity are very high. From its replacement parts to the manual labor done, everything can cost you approx. $5000.Take the help of a professional whenever you face issues regarding transmission system. At least don’t risk your own safety.
You can shop for replacement car's transmission system parts at budgetary prices available at Partsavatar Canada.

Head Gasket
Head gasket is a pivotal component of engine’s internal combustion system. This is because it prevents the coolant and oil from mixing can keep them safe from being blown which is a serious problem. Though head gaskets could be cheap but its repair costs are very high because its replacement requires a manual labor of about 20 hours. So it is not a good idea to fix it yourself.

Call the professional and let him handle this issue.You can reduce the expenses by buying aftermarkethead gasket sets of car matching your car’s specifications at cheap prices at online stores.

Repairing brakes is not one man’s job. You will definitely need assistance while doing so. We know brakes are very much important for our safety as most of the accidents happen due to brake failure. Even repairing small stuff like brake pads and rotors could put you in danger.While repairing brakes we are not just talking about car's rear brake pad or front brake pads but also auto brake rotors, auto calipersauto wheel bearing and brake fluids. It is not as complicated as other auto parts but still for the sake of your safety do not give it a go if you are a beginner.

For your knowledge you can observe the work done by your mechanic and in future if you are confident enough you can try it yourself.

Most of the cars encounter the problem of overheating of engine.Overheating could cause your vehicle major malfunctioning issues like that of engine and other under the hood components.Generally a failing radiator is responsible for overheating.It regulates the car’s cooling system. If the radiator is over, just think your car is also over.

Online communities provide a lot of stuff or videos on radiator replacement process. It might seem to be easy at some point. But sometimes a loose hose could damage engine components and eventually if the problem increases you might have to replace the engine components or even the engine itself at high costs.

Paying the repairing cost to the mechanic is much cheaper than buying a new engine. So think smart.Maintain your car’s radiator, keep proper level and mixture of coolant or antifreeze used in your vehicle and provide proper service to your car’s radiator to avoid overheating.

Windshield repair
You can avoid the expenses of replacing the whole windshield by getting the cracks in the windshield fixed by the professionals in time. If you try it yourself, then you are taking chances with your safety because without proper visibility it will be dangerous on the road. So beware. Repairing cracks only costs about $80 but replacing a windshield can cost up to $500. So which is convenient? Repairing a crack or replacing a windshield? You know your answer.

Suspension system    
On the road safety is the most important thing along with comfort ability. If you intend to replace the shock absorbers yourself, then you might be getting yourself into upcoming trouble because, if the repair is done incorrectly, any accident could happen on the road.

Take your vehicle to the mechanic and get your car's suspension system parts and auto shock absorbers checked.

Bottom line
Relying upon the professionals will provide you with both peace of mind and safety on the road and even in the garage. It is good thing to try things out, but there are certain things where proper knowledge and training is necessary. So you cannot take chance until you are best at it.

If you are barred from doing certain DIYs it doesn’t mean you can’t purchase the auto parts accessories yourself.At Parts Avatar you will get almost every automotive tool and part at affordable prices.

Monday, April 17, 2017

PartsAvatar guides you to the mysterious components under car's floorboards- the DriveTrains.

What really happens when you press down the accelerator? How does the driveline get torque? The Drive Train is doing this magic. So check out more about Drive Train and its components @Parts Avatar.

car's Drive train is quite confusing term in itself. The vehicle’s torque converter that is located near the engine converts and transfers the force produced by the engine as you accelerate or decelerate before sending it to the transmission. The gears are changed accordingly and the power is sent to the wheels. This whole process is controlled by the drivetrain.

The concept of drivetrain is often confused with transmission. It is to be noted that both are different terms. Transmission’s function is to keep the engine turning in time with the wheels regardless of the gear it is in. drivetrain is everything behind the transmission that controls the amount of torque being distributed to wheels via engine.
The parts that make a drivetrain are- Axle shafts, U-joints, the differential, the CV joints and driveshaft. Let us read about these components in detail.

Drive Shaft

car's Driveshaft is a long tube made of steel that is linked to the car’s transmission at one end and wheels at the other end. Automobile use shaft to deliver power from transmission to the other end of the vehicle before it goes to the wheels. A pair of short drive shafts is used to send power from differential, transmission and transaxle to the wheels.

U-Joint and Constant Velocity

U-joint is a flexible pivot point that transmits power allowing varying angles of the driveshaft. Constant velocity joints are the parts of the driveshaft that are designed to bend in any direction while continuing to turn the drive wheels at a constant velocity. Both U joints and CV joints transfer power to the components that move with the suspension.

It is advised to follow vehicle manufacturer’s instructions for better maintenance of both joints. Aftermarket auto Ujoints and car's CVjoints are also available at cheap prices at parts avatar, have a look.


Thedifferential of car is the last stop of power before spinning the wheels. In auto mobiles, differential allows the outer drive wheel to rotate faster than the inner drive wheel during a turn.
While taking a turn the outside wheel cut a wider arc than the inside. The differential’s main function is to make sure that the outside and inside wheels are allowed to turn at different speeds while still supplying power to the wheels.

Differential consist of large ring gear that meshes with a small pinion gear driven by the driveshaft. Ring gear also spins a carrier containing perpendicular meshing spider gears that allow the left or right axle shafts to spin independently. Parts avatar offers good quality car's Differential ring and pinion parts.

Axle shafts

Axle shafts are single rotating shafts that deliver power from the final drive assembly to drive wheels.

Symptoms of Failing Drivetrain

  • ·        Vibration and strange noises while shifting gears
  • ·        Muddy and contaminated transmission fluid
  • ·        Whining noise coming under the floor
  • ·        Red fluid leakage under the car

How the Drive train Works?

 As we have understood the components of the drivetrain, now it would be easy to know the working of drivetrain system.

Front Wheel Drive

In the front wheel drive of car, the power flows from engine to the transmission and then to the differential, which is integral to transmission in a front wheel drive. Most front wheel drives are connected to axle half shafts via CV joints for better sheering.
Vehicles working on front wheel drive scenario provide more space for passengers and cargo. As the weight is reduced, the fuel economy also increases so does the engine performance. Due to the weight over the drivewheel, the wet weather traction is also improved.
Vehicles with front wheel drive system often get the problem of uneven wear on front tires and suspension parts. It becomes quite complex for the mechanic to do the servicing due to cramped space of engine compartment. The amount of power that is to be transmitted to the front wheels is also limited.

Rear Wheel Drive

Rear wheel drives use driveshaft to send the power to the back wheels. The engine sends power via driveshaft to the differential unit at the rear axle. The differential turns the power in perpendicular direction and sends it to rear wheels.
The balanced distribution of front and rear weight drive results in better handling. As the weight is distributed evenly, the front tires are not bothered to steer and pull the car hence resulting in less wear and tear of the tire.

The major disadvantage of rear wheel drive is they provide poor wet traction and stability without electronic controls. As compared to front wheel, the space is reduced for passengers and cargo.

Four Wheel drive and All Wheel drive

Power is sent to all four wheels in four wheel drive of car. The transfer case distributes the power to the front and rear differential and is either integral to the transmission or a separate unit.

car's All wheel drivesystem allows the front and rear wheels to rotate at different speeds. There is no room for driver interaction in this type of drive. When the on board computer detects the wheel spinning, all wheel drive is activated immediately. These systems feature less electronic intervention than their part time counterparts.
The major advantage of all and four wheel drive is they provide maximum traction on variety of surfaces.

These systems are quite costly and fuel economy is also not good in this.
Above knowledge is quite sufficient for you. You should research thoroughly about drive trains before buying a vehicle, as handling is the most important thing and steering should be under your control.

If you wish to replace or repair transmission and suspension parts, then visit Parts avatar for better quality.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

PartsAvatar offers High Performance Clutch Kits under Moderate prices. So check it out!

Now you can save your money from getting wasted on repairs of clutches.

Mostly it is recommended to buy a clutch kit rather buying separate clutch parts for replacement. Repairing a clutch or a component of clutch system is quite expensive job itself. If the new clutch kit is fitted correctly, all the parts in the clutch kit age and wear at the same time. An unexpected clutch failure may be observed if we replace only one part of car's clutch.

A clutch kit is group of manual transmission parts that are either purchased as a unit or assembled piecemeal. While shopping for a clutch kit, basic consideration should be given to stronger spring action, maximum performance and superior friction material and exact engagement of the transmission system.

The transmission of an automobile is a complex mechanical system. Due to heat and friction, its components experience wear and tear by time. Sometimes, the clutch disc fails to disengage the flywheel when the clutch pedal is pressed. This will make it difficult for you to change the gears. You may also hear grinding noises when you change gears.

For these problems to occur you may have to change the clutch sets or components. Parts avatar provides variety of auto clutch kits and auto clutch sets at affordable prices.


A manual transmission clutch is made of three main parts positioned between flywheel and transmission input shaft. It comprises of clutch disc, pressure plate and throw out bearing which work together with flywheel to help a vehicle move forward and backward accordingly.

Strange grinding noises that come whenever you push the clutch pedal are generally due to a failed transmission system. Ignoring this is going to be a problem for you in future, so better tend to your clutches now. You can replace the whole clutch kit or can go for separate clutch replacement option.

Constant friction and heat will make the clutch succumb to wear and tear. Flywheel is also affected by overheating. Failing throw out bearings may cause misalignment issues and also can damage other clutch components with them.

You won’t be able to have smooth driving experience with damaged clutches. So for a smooth transmission operation, make sure to get a reliable clutch kit.


Clutch kit comprises of the following components:

1. Clutch disc
2. Pressure plate
3. Clutch release bearing

Clutch disc or clutch plate is a spring loaded device that engages or disengages the clutch from flywheel. When the clutch is engaged, pressure plate jams the disc against the flywheel. The cushioning springs allow smooth engagement. When the pedal is released, the disc will engage the contact with the flywheel and transmit torque from the engine to the drivetrain.


The pressure plate presses the clutch disc against the spinning flywheel. It is bolted onto the engine flywheel and by pressing the disc against the flywheel it transfers the power from engine to the transmission. It has to be able to do so as the connection from engine to driveline has to be interrupted while the gear change takes place.


The throw out bearing or clutch release bearing is the heart of clutch operations. When the clutch pedal is depressed, throw out bearing moves toward the flywheel, pushing in pressure plate’s release fingers and moving them against pressure plate spring force. It pushes the pressure plate to disengage the clutch.

The clutch kit mainly comprising of clutch disc, pressure plate and clutch release bearing is under budgetary prices than buying separate component of clutch system. Some manufacturer’s recommended clutch kits contain a clutch pressure plate, clutch friction plate and throw out bearing, pilot bushing and clutch alignment device. All these components work together to ensure that do not experience issues regarding engagement or disengagement of clutch.

So you can shop for high quality transmission kit or clutch kit at Parts Avatar.


car's Flywheel is one of those parts that need replacement along with the clutch kit. The clutch disc is mounted over the flywheel through pressure plate. So while changing or removing the clutch disc, you can also inspect the flywheel for cracks and small degree of run out that causes the flatness of the flywheel. If the cracks are deep, the flywheel should be replaced immediately to avoid any damage to the transmission. You can also find wobbles in the flywheel by using dial indicator at different points on the flywheel.
You can easily change the flywheel if traces of cracks and missing teeth in the gear are found. Along with this, car's clutch slave and master cylinders can also be replaced.

You can also check the flywheel for the traces of clutch disc material on flywheel surface. Flywheels can become hot spotted overtime with hardened patches on its surface. This could increase the aging factor and also would leave its impact on the newly installed clutch. A worn out clutch disc may also be indicating towards a damaged flywheel.
It is wise to replace and check flywheel that shows any sign of damage along with clutch kit replacement.

So for a better driving experience and smooth handling, it is economical to replace clutch kit rather separate clutch parts. Flywheel can be replaced or resurfaced based on its degree of damage.

If you want to shop for Aftermarket replacement auto parts and clutch kits then visit .