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Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

Driving is stressful for you?? Just relax…Because Nissan has made your job easy!!!!

Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Is your Mechanic scamming you with extra repairs? Learn how to save yourself from auto repair scammers @Parts Avatar

Watch out for these tricks and pitfalls used by shady mechanics to scam you! Stick with reliable mechanics and save on Auto Repairs – By Aftermarket Auto Parts.


Whenever we have any car related problem we rush to the mechanic immediately. But not every mechanic is good. Most of the mechanics trap the vulnerable drivers by stating false repairs to be needed. “High Scare equals high profit”, says John Ibbotson who is consumer report chief mechanic and working in auto parts business since 1990.

Most mechanics believe the fact that their customers know nothing about their car. Based on that fact they try to scare and scam you regarding useless repairs they mention.They forge with the bills by adding extra repair cost. Actually those repairs have been done on their useless suggestion. So, beware of the extra charges and get to know your vehicle more.

Parts avatar suggests some item that you should watch out for while visiting a mechanic, as the mechanic may scam money by using those items as bait.It’s better to take second opinion of other certified professional or even a knowledgeable friend.Let us have a look at some scenarios that you need to watch out for.

Brake repair scam
Some dishonest auto services often practice brake repair scam services. We are often advised by our mechanic to replace brake rotors of car along with the brake pads. It has been observed that some mechanics offer cheap brake rotor replacement and also claim to offer lifetime brake pads by giving low quality brake pads in reality. It is advised to use either Aftermarket equivalent standard product or better go for an OEM.

When you need to replace the car brake pads, it is not compulsory or necessary to do so with brake rotors.Your mechanic will convince you in changing rotors and there are chances that inappropriate brake rotors may lead to more expensive repairs in future. So, better watch out!

Ask your friend before any replacement.You can search or read the symptoms of bad rotor and brake pads on internet. You can take advice from different repair shops so that you will have to pay a reasonable price for the brake repair. Always buy vehicle relevant aftermarket brake pads or rotors for replacement or original one instead of using mechanic’s own product as it won’t last long.

Spark plug replacement
Auto Spark plugs are also important component of ignition system. They provide with necessary spark that is needed to ignite the air fuel mixture within the cylinders. Problems with vehicle’s engine are prominent whenever the spark plugs go bad.

In older engine’s there was a time when you needed spark plug replacement twice a year because engine didn’t burn fuel efficiently. But if your car has traveled fewer than 100000 miles, and your mechanic is suggesting you for spark plug replacement, you better take a second opinion.Engines with new technology are less prone to wear and aging of spark plug so there may be a chance that your mechanic is not honest.

Air filter replacement
This is most popular car repair scam practiced by most mechanics (dishonest ones!).When you take your vehicle for regular service to the mechanic, he may tell you that your car’s air filter needs replacement.Car Air filters seldom need to be replaced. Even when you need replacement, it is a DIY project and you can easily perform the replacement process yourself without help of mechanic.

There are several videos and stories on internet that tell how the mechanics intentionally put mulch and leaves into the filter to make it look as if it needs replacement.You better search for the symptoms that could lead to a failed air filter and then you can yourself do the replacement.Air filters are quite cheaply available at aftermarket online stores which provide same standards and functionality as that of original ones.

Oil change scam and faking Leaks

Oil change is very important when it comes to maintenance. When we go to mechanic for vehicle’s oil change, the mechanic advises you to use either synthetic or premium high quality oil instead of the low quality oil that you have been using previously. He will also tell you to repair some problems that he noticed while checking your vehicle.Some fake auto shops spray coolant on a part of an engine purposely to make it look like a leak. You better ask them to properly show you the leak that’s causing this dripping of coolant. It is advised to better go to a certified, trust able mechanic from the very beginning.

Flushing of fluids
Some auto repair shops unnecessarily offer to flush out the auto coolant and car's power steering fluids. Cars are designed to go 100000 miles with fluids. It is very rare when you need fluid flushing and it happens under certain circumstances. Go through your vehicle’s owner manual. Replacing a fluid could also cause an old transmission to fail.You will find information about fluid flushing.  Take a professionals help and advice.

Offering free inspection on tire rotation
If any auto repair shop is offering you free check up of vehicle or even free tire rotation check up, be forewarned. This could also lead to a planned scam. Whenever you visit for free check up, mechanics scare you by stating different unnecessary problems with your car and offer as many things to repair as possible. You could just be wasting your hard earned money by going for a free inspection of your car. So watch out!

Watch out!

You read about certain elements that could be tempered by the mechanic in the name of repair. Let us read about some preventive measure that you can take to shield yourself from auto shop scammers and save your cash.

·          Mechanics should be paid by the hour, not for the part that they repair or replace or merely touch.

 If the mechanic doesn’t get the repair done efficiently for the first time, it is not wise to pay him. Do not pay your mechanic unless you are satisfies with your car’s performance. Otherwise mechanics would charge you again and again for any problem with the previous repair he has done.
             Most mechanics sell additives and tell that they miraculously cure your vehicle.Additives don’t harm your car but they also don’t make the car run faster at the same time. Additives can be used to clean a specific component but not every time. So don’t get forged.

                Mostly auto repair shops use scare tactics to sell what they want to. Beware of those who say” it’s impossible for your car to drive another mile”.Never get scared of any tactic they use and always instead counter scare them by saying that you need time to take a second opinion.

                You should inspect the auto repair shop for the state license of your country. Many shops proudly display their license.

              Any mechanic who says that he doesn’t need any technical tool to analyze the condition of your engine should be avoided.
                Never sign a blank authorization form. Be aware of repair jobs and warranties that are applicable.

    Unless you are using second opinion as a counter scare tactic, do not tell your mechanic that you took second opinion before coming.

     They will give you free replacement of mufflers stating that they would last long. But you could be heading towards an expensive repair road as car exhaust mufflers and pipes are quite expensive to repair.

      Some of the expensive parts like catalytic converters or exhaust and emission parts have long warranty and free replacement provided by law. Consult your manufacturer before going for other replacement.

     Do not let your mechanic to keep your car’s old parts. This way can you can inspect if they have been changed and you can show them to your friend for second opinion.

    Do not forget to test drive your car to access the performance.

     Before buying new tires know what your state’s tire tread specifications are. Then let the mechanic check the old tread with a gauge.

This way, if a mechanic is trying to overcharge you for car repairs, you will see it coming. Take second opinion and research before going to the mechanic.

For more information about Aftermarket auto replacement parts chat with a knowledgeable expert at

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fixing a car yourself saves a lot of money but some repairs should be carried out by Professionals. Take a look!

Don’t try out the repairs as a beginner as some repairs are meant to be done by certified mechanics or professionals – Partsavatar Repair Parts.

 It feels good when we solve our auto related problems ourselve by taking help from YouTube do it yourself videos or car’s owner manual. Mechanical work is quite hard so the labor is costly itself. By repairing our self, we can save a lot of money.
But some car repairs are meant to be done by professionals. This is because as a beginner your minor mistake could get the auto part into problem and also there are certain safety issues.

Professionals are trained in this work and they know better. There are certain big issues that should be handled by a professional or certified mechanic. Let us have a look at some of the repairs that you should not try your hands on.

Timing Belt

Every part wears out by time, so does timing belts. Partsavatar advises not to take the initiative of repairing the timing belts.The process of replacement of timing belt requires disassembling about half of the engine parts. If you successfully replace the timing belts, you might not be able to reassemble them successfully. In this case you are just adding additional repair costs in your list. The slightest mistake could do long term and irreparable harm to your car’s engine.

Repairing and replacing a timing belt could cost up to $1000. If the engine had been damaged you will definitely have to pay more charges. Let your trusted certified mechanic handle it. You can also purchase aftermarket timing belt of car for replacement at cheap prices from online stores like Parts Avatar.

Fuel System Fixes
Fuel system fixes are quite dangerous as any mistake could cause garage fire. So it is strictly advised to consider your safety seriously and avoid doing replacement like fuel pump, fuel tank, injectors, rails or pressurized lines.For example, fuel pump is very delicate and expensive auto part to replace if it breaks. But getting the repair wrong can lead to catastrophic failure in the car and your car might have to be scraped completely. It is to be noted that always use quality oil and fuel in the vehicle for good performance and more life.

Visit your professional immediately whenever you encounter any problem regarding these parts. Buy affordable aftermarket fuel system parts like Engine fuel pump of car, auto fuel tanks and auto fuel injectors at Parts Avatar’s online store.

Transmission is the most complex part of the car. It’s a twisted maze of gears, bearings, rods and tensioners. Due to its complexity, its not a job of an average mechanic or a beginner. You might put your life at risk if the job is not done carefully and correctly.
Transmission costs like its complexity are very high. From its replacement parts to the manual labor done, everything can cost you approx. $5000.Take the help of a professional whenever you face issues regarding transmission system. At least don’t risk your own safety.
You can shop for replacement car's transmission system parts at budgetary prices available at Partsavatar Canada.

Head Gasket
Head gasket is a pivotal component of engine’s internal combustion system. This is because it prevents the coolant and oil from mixing can keep them safe from being blown which is a serious problem. Though head gaskets could be cheap but its repair costs are very high because its replacement requires a manual labor of about 20 hours. So it is not a good idea to fix it yourself.

Call the professional and let him handle this issue.You can reduce the expenses by buying aftermarkethead gasket sets of car matching your car’s specifications at cheap prices at online stores.

Repairing brakes is not one man’s job. You will definitely need assistance while doing so. We know brakes are very much important for our safety as most of the accidents happen due to brake failure. Even repairing small stuff like brake pads and rotors could put you in danger.While repairing brakes we are not just talking about car's rear brake pad or front brake pads but also auto brake rotors, auto calipersauto wheel bearing and brake fluids. It is not as complicated as other auto parts but still for the sake of your safety do not give it a go if you are a beginner.

For your knowledge you can observe the work done by your mechanic and in future if you are confident enough you can try it yourself.

Most of the cars encounter the problem of overheating of engine.Overheating could cause your vehicle major malfunctioning issues like that of engine and other under the hood components.Generally a failing radiator is responsible for overheating.It regulates the car’s cooling system. If the radiator is over, just think your car is also over.

Online communities provide a lot of stuff or videos on radiator replacement process. It might seem to be easy at some point. But sometimes a loose hose could damage engine components and eventually if the problem increases you might have to replace the engine components or even the engine itself at high costs.

Paying the repairing cost to the mechanic is much cheaper than buying a new engine. So think smart.Maintain your car’s radiator, keep proper level and mixture of coolant or antifreeze used in your vehicle and provide proper service to your car’s radiator to avoid overheating.

Windshield repair
You can avoid the expenses of replacing the whole windshield by getting the cracks in the windshield fixed by the professionals in time. If you try it yourself, then you are taking chances with your safety because without proper visibility it will be dangerous on the road. So beware. Repairing cracks only costs about $80 but replacing a windshield can cost up to $500. So which is convenient? Repairing a crack or replacing a windshield? You know your answer.

Suspension system    
On the road safety is the most important thing along with comfort ability. If you intend to replace the shock absorbers yourself, then you might be getting yourself into upcoming trouble because, if the repair is done incorrectly, any accident could happen on the road.

Take your vehicle to the mechanic and get your car's suspension system parts and auto shock absorbers checked.

Bottom line
Relying upon the professionals will provide you with both peace of mind and safety on the road and even in the garage. It is good thing to try things out, but there are certain things where proper knowledge and training is necessary. So you cannot take chance until you are best at it.

If you are barred from doing certain DIYs it doesn’t mean you can’t purchase the auto parts accessories yourself.At Parts Avatar you will get almost every automotive tool and part at affordable prices.