Clean and Care of your Vehicle Battery

Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

Driving is stressful for you?? Just relax…Because Nissan has made your job easy!!!!

Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Buy Anco parts and Stay safe on road @ PartsAvatar Car parts Canada.

Be safe on road and follow car safety tips here at PartsAvatar car online parts.

Driving can be a joyful experience if it done safely. Whether you own a 4*4 for thrill or adventure, it is very important to prefer safety over thrill. Most accidents happen on road due to cars either by getting hit or by hitting other motorists or pedestrians on the road.

This can happen due to numerous reasons. Always keep your maintained for better driveability. You can replace car body parts that have been broken or damaged in a collision before at aftermarket prices and find those parts at PartsAvatar car replacement parts.
It is our duty to stay safe and follow safety tips that we will be providing here.

Never drive under alcohol’s influence!
It is extremely dangerous you know when you think of driving without your senses properly working. The thing is simple and clear, how will you focus on the road with your blurry vision?

This is why it is illegal in every nation and you get heavily fined or even jailed depending upon the crime you commit unintentionally while driving under alcohols’ influence. Many people run into poles and damage their car as well as themselves or they would just hit the pedestrians because they cant see anything clearly.

Even you can sleep in your car when you are not sober, it is also illegal and you are bound to get your licence suspended for certain period. Make sure that you are not sleeping at the driving seat and don’t withhold the car keys with you. Also, there are numerous car services that are available for those who are not sober. 

Why indulge in something that is too dangerous? Call them and get in your house safe and sound.
Many people call their acquaintance or they take help of someone who is sober to drop them home. If you are alone and you have to get back, you can make choice to drink or not!

Distractive driving- Say No!
When we are driving, our main focus should be on the road only. Get rid of everything that diverts your focus from the road. This often leads to fatal accident.
One of the distracting objects is our Smartphone. In today’s world, we have become so much addicted to hand held devices that we cant let go of them even when we want to. You know, it is also a crime to text while driving or using cell phone to make an important call. That person on the other line could wait but not the situation in front of you.

Holding steering wheel with one hand and keeping one hand on cell phone, would definitely clinch your attention from road.
Dogs, infants often avert our attention. In that case, you must keep yourself calm and make them seated safely, so that you won’t have to look backwards after every short period just to check on them.

Even it will become difficult to claim insurance money if you are found guilty of driving distractingly.
You must pre plan things like choosing your playlist before moving on, turning on your favourite radio station or setting navigations.

Adjust according to weather

A lot of people fall prey to weather conditions. In extreme weather like fog, mist, rain, storm, snow it becomes almost difficult to watch the road and our locomotion also depends on the weather.

It is extremely important to follow safety instructions in such weather. For example, you must watch or check the news as govt. News agencies alert us of the upcoming weather. Find a safe high place and leave your car for your own safety.

In case of rain, never drive with high speeds because there is a high risk of hydroplaning and when your car tires loose traction there is often an increasing risk of sliding, skidding or fish tailing which is not at all good. It is such situation where you almost loose control of your car and at worst, you could end up getting hit.

Never drive too fast. The braking distance increases in such situation so make sure to maintain more than appropriate distance between your and the car in front of you. In fog, try to follow slow motion and follow the tail light of the ongoing car. If you are not sure whether you can get out safely, the best way is to park it at a safer place and save yourself first.

Always, make sure to maintain your car parts before you head out. You must not drive with underinflated tires as the flat tire would increase trouble for you as help would also reach to you after long time. Windshield wipers should not be broken and make sure that the washer fluid tank has been topped up as you will definitely need it. We recommend using Anco wiper blades for best performance.

Light shouldn’t be dim. They should be in good working condition. So, make sure to replace headlights of your car if you are driving with damaged lights.
So, now that you know how to make yourself safe on the road, follow these easy tips and help yourself and other motorist to reach their destination safely.
For replacement car parts or performance car body parts, visit and take a look at our best offers!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Check out the Car Theft prevention guide and buy car parts online at PartsAvatar Canada auto parts !!

Your beloved car might be the object of desire for many thieves. Here are the ways to keep your car from getting stolen. - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Body Parts Online.

Its a harsh reality that we unluckily face or get to know about every day. They say that more than a million cars are stolen every year and it takes only 60 seconds to steal the car.

Even if your car has keyless entry but still criminals have so many methods to breakthrough those systems and do their work without any trace left behind.

Or sometimes some expensive car parts like car tires, catalytic converters are gone by the time you come back after doing chores. These damages lead to heavy repairs. In case you are suffering from this theft thing, you can visit any online car parts store for better price and dealing.

Now coming back, how to stop this? In many countries the scammers or thieves have formed gangs in order to achieve their goal. So, apart from relying on law, how can we protect our beloved car? Check out some useful tips that we share with you because with updated technology, the methods of stealing have also been upgraded. So act smart!

Park Intelligently
Do you know parking lots and garages have been one of the favourite spots among the stealers to steal a car?

If you are out with your car after dark, park in a well lit area that will still be well lit when you return. Be alert while parking and do watch out for suspicious persons. There could be a chance of theft after you leave your vehicle there.

Always park your car in a well lit area. Avoid parking your car near large trucks or close to anything else that can block your view and give the thieves a chance to hide and flee.

Parking in a isolated garage could be dangerous in regards to your personal safety. If you have to park in there, make sure that you park your car in such a way that it is in the clear visual range of installed security cameras. In this way, you might be successful in catching the thief.

Where’s your spare key?
Keep track of your car keys. Are you one of the folks who make mistake of keeping their car’s spare keys under their car seat or inside their car?

Criminals know that many people make this mistake of keeping spare key inside. Moreover, officer will ask you the first question after theft, “where is your car key sir?”

Before reaching near your car make sure that you have car key in your hands so that you don’t search frantically for it into your pockets and giving spare time to the thief to attack you and steal your car meanwhile.

Lock the Doors and Windows
Locking the doors and windows is extremely important as far as the security of a person is concerned. While leaving your car in the parking lot, double check the locks and make sure that there is no space for the windows to pull down by force etc.

Also, at any stopping point, make sure that you have enough between your car and the adjacent one so that when someone attacks you then you can flee safely at least from the area.

Don’t use Phone
We are so busy in our life that most of the time we stick to our smart phones. But if you are doing so, you never know that an intruder is already waiting for you in the car.

This is because expert thieves know that how people are distracted and they don’t even know if someone is sitting at their backseat waiting for the victim to enter and get attacked.
So, until you have safely reached your car don’t use it.

Don’t leave something expensive

There are a lot of people who often leave their personal belongings or valuable things in their car in order to do their work mean while. But this negligence of yours is enough to bait the thief and by the time you come back, there will be nothing left.

There was an incident once when a person left his purse but under the front seat hoping that no one would notice it. For further safety he locked the car properly but the grave mistake he made was that one of his back window was slightly down approx. 2 inches. But these two inches were enough for the thieves to steal all the money!

Install anti theft device
Anti theft devices can be a good option in order to secure your car. Car insurance companies often lower their rates if they find any anti theft device installed in your car which is an added bonus.

There are various anti theft products available like steering wheel lock system, hood lock, tire lock, electronic immobilizers and kill switch to shut down the electrical system of your car. These systems often help in securing your car to some extent.

Also take help of technology. Systems like OnStar use GPS technology to pinpoint your vehicle and transmit that information to police. Take help of security system cameras to track and validate your car’s theft act.

Various mobile apps also give great deal of security to your vehicle in your absence. Safewise system finder tool is also a good gadget to keep your car safe.
Otherwise there are various siren based alarm systems that activate when someone touches your car’s exterior.

Most thefts occur near residences. In winters, we often leave our car running for the engine to warm up but the intruders take advantage of that time when you are gone and steal it.

Safety is in our hands. You can also help yourself by being aware of your surroundings. These are easy things to follow. So, why not change your resolution this year if you have encountered such bad incident of car theft before?

Are you looking for car body parts and accessories for up gradation? Look no further than PartsAvatar Car Parts and Accessories online and Save Big on expensive aftermarket car parts here! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

PartsAvatar Honda Parts- With efficient power train and awesome interior Honda Fit 2018 is back !!

Want to experience something appealing? Check out Honda Fit as it has entered the auto market as one of the Show stoppers of the year 2018.-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Body Parts.

With extended cargo space, enhanced power train and multiple interior configurations, the new Honda Fit 2018 is ready to cruise on the road. This subcompact car has entered its third generation since 2001 by Honda due to its demand by users.

This subcompact car is eco friendly and is favourite among nature loving drivers. Want to know more about this car? Read on this article as we will discuss its mind-blowing features. Buy Honda Parts at PartsAvatar and save big today.

Honda has introduced new accessory package for this new generation Fit. Honda Fit is available in three versions- Sport, EX and EX-L. The sport version is Debuting this year along with several cosmetic enhancements that give Fit a racy character.

People over six feet tall may find the driving position cramped as the seat travel is abbreviated, but rear seat passengers are provided more legroom than those of Ford Fiesta or Kia Rio.

The front and rear bumpers have been restyled in order to make the subcompact appear wider and lower. The sport trim is worth noting as it features new grille, 16” aluminum wheels, a front spoiler, side sill trim and a rear diffuser panel.

Fit has a redesigned cargo space and packs maximum interior space. The rear seat which Honda calls the Magic Seat- can be reconfigured easily to haul bulky items and features seat bottoms that flip up to create a divided cargo area or flip down to help create a completely flat, very low load floor.

Sport version comes with gearshift knob. The EX-L trim continues with leather seats and added sound deadening material and ticker windshield is claimed to quiet the cabins’ interior.
The sports model is $1310 more expensive than other base versions. Sports Fit Model features 7.0 inches infotainment system with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, a 180 watt six speaker stereo, a second USB port, fog lamps etc.

If you wanted to buy a car with new reduced noise technology, why not consider Fit 2018. This is because its upgraded chassis have been updated in reducing noise.

Other than aftermarket car parts and accessories like all weather floor mats, cargo nets and a pair of wheel options, the $ 18,375 Fit Sport with the manual transmission in a mono spec car.

Thus Fit has been upgraded certain features and optimized fuel economy, cargo space and have become efficient in every manner. Though colors would kill you, but still you can easily make choice.
The previous generations’ Fit Sports had several upgrades like black painted wheels, a chrome exhaust tip and a more aggressive rear bumper.

Infotainment and control

It has introduced a new dashing display audio infotainment system with better sound. The Fit Sport also has a few more functions for its driver information display.

Also in base models, Honda has included Honda Safety Sensing technology, Lane Watch right side blind spot monitoring, power sunroof, keyless entry with push button engine start, satellite radio and a handful of other conveniences.

EX-L is all heated as it includes heated front leather seats, side mirrors with signal indicators.
The base level features 7 inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 16 inch black painted aluminium wheels, a natty body kit, leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob. The satellite radio is standard in EX trim and an embedded navigation system is available complete with real time traffic and voice recognition technology.

Engine and transmission
This 5 passenger hatchback comes with front wheel drive transmission. The price of base model is said to be $17,065 with DOHC 16 Valve inline-4 engine type with aluminium block and head direct fuel injection.

The Honda Fit engine produces 130 Hp at 6500 rpm along with the torque of 114 lb-ft at 4600 rpm with combined mileage of 31 Mpg of EPA. The model comes with 6 speed manual transmission.

Paddle shifters are provided for sport, EX and EX-L trims but during short jaunts in a Los Angeles suburb proved somewhat effective.

Safety Features
Honda has updated many security and safety features in this 2018 model of Fit. Honda Sensing will be featured in all trim levels.

What does Honda Sensing include? Adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist and road departure mitigation which tries to prevent the car from unintentionally leaving the pavement, blind spot warning and lane watch system are the highlighted safety featured by Honda in this great hatchback.

The good thing is that Honda Fit 2018 has received acceptable rating in crash test for safety.
This year’s enhancements in Fits’ features have proved that Honda is just a step behind from proving it car of the year. Its range of exclusive safety features are worth noticing.
The range of features, improved cargo space and noise reduction technology have prompted other auto giants such as Ford to make some updation in their competitive models too with Honda Fit’s growing popularity.

Looking for car parts at affordable cost? Nevertheless, proper care and maintenance of the overall car is very important. If in case, some of your auto body parts are worn out already, there's no need to worry.

PartsAvatar ships auto parts and body parts from renowned manufacturers to its customer's door, at warehouse prices!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summerlicious is back Foodies!! Get Ready for 2 weeks of mouthwatering indulgence!

Looking for best summer events in Toronto? Thanks to Summerlicious, you can enjoy incredible meals in the city’s Top restaurants while giving your wallet a break- Powered by PartsAvatar Auto Parts.

Summerlicious is one of the most anticipated culinary events of Toronto. If you are scared that you would empty your wallet by dining in top restaurants then you are wrong!

Over 200 of the most acclaimed Toronto restaurants put together their best line up of dishes under your budget. Come hungry to Summerlicious festival. Let your taste buds guide you through a variety of samples, three course meals and many more mouth watering dishes!

Toronto’s Incredible Food Fest!
Toronto has a world class culinary scene that many stomachs haven’t experienced. Summerlicious is a best event for those who haven’t tasted it yet.

For two mouth watering weeks in July (July7 to July 23, 2017) savor delicious three course menus. During the event major restaurants across the city offer a limited menu of prix fixe dinners at a discount from typical prices. The prices generally are like $18, $23 or $28 for lunch and $28, $38 or $48 for dinner, with drinks and gratuity extra.

There are several rules for participating in this much anticipated fest which include clean health inspection record, good reviews from food critics and standard prices.
Wondering how to get in the best restaurants? Reservations are accepted ahead of time starting June. It’s recommended to call the restaurants directly as Summerlicious venues get filled quickly.

The beauty of this festival is that it is for every kind of foodie. Vegetarians, vegans and those looking to support local farmers will find their peace here. It has also been noticed that many restaurants offer meals according to dietary measures so that no one is left out of getting the taste.

Feeling overwhelmed? Here are Toronto’s Top restaurants that have providing high quality cuisines all these years!

Momo Fuku Noodle Bar

So are you a noodle or Ramen lover? MomoFuku Noodle bar is paradise for those who are diehard fans of ramen and noodles. Located on the ground floor of Momofuku Toronto, this hotspot serves best ramen in the city, as patrons sit at long communal tables in a casual atmosphere. Though it is a walk in restaurant but ordering online can also be preferred.

So if you are in dire need of quality ramen that contains pork shoulder, fish cakes then MomoFuku is the place to go. It has ambience that will make you feel at home!
Momo fuku noodle bar takes pride in serving Ginger scallion noodle Bowl with Shiitake, cucumber and cabbage which has been its signature dish for Summerlicious 2016.

Aprile Bambina Cucina
If you prefer a memorable date night, then come by this Italian restaurant. Seating only 40, this Italian venue offers homemade ravioli, gnocchi and every kind of pasta you could crave. Their summerlicious menu features rustic Italian cuisine like grilled flatbreads, summer risotto, shrimp rigatoni and of course tiramisu!

Café Boulud
Café Boulud is perfect for those who have soft spot for French cuisine. A highly sought eatery, Café Boulud is a source of exemplary French food. The Chef Daniel Boulud and his talented team bring their sophisticated yet trendy dining experience to the Summerlicious menu, which is inspired by international cuisine with a French touch.

The most famous menu of Summerlicious from Café Boloud has been The Galette de Sarasin: a buckwheat crepe with spinach, Swiss cheese, farm egg and arugula salad.


Lee is a culinary destination of all the foodies who love the ambience of low lit room with rose velvet banquettes. It is said that Summerlicious is incomplete without tasting culinary creations by super chef Susur Lee. Nicknamed as “Bento Box of sensory pleasures”, Lee has a reputation of serving palette if small plate dishes that merge east and west influence.

Last year during Summerlicious, People went crazy for Susur Lee’s Thailandaise Veal pot Pie with spicy Thai sausage, creamy polenta and spinach.

The Arisu
Do you love Korean and Japanese cuisine? Luckily, Arisu brings the culinary experience directly to your table. This highly popular summerlicious menu mostly amongst Asians combines the delicacies of South Korea and Japan to create mouthwatering menu like Spicy Korean chicken, tofu steak, Korean classic table BBQ, aburi oshi sushi and rice wine sorbet.

Just prepare your taste buds to taste something spicy and you will get the feeling of heaven once you taste the cuisines served by Arisu.

The Fifth Grille and Terrace
Get sun soaked this summer at the elegant rooftop oasis and indulge in its French inspired steakhouse menu while soaking up in Toronto Skyline.

Parts & Labour

Far from being one of your main street, posh looking restaurants, Parts & Labour turned out to be a heaven for meat lovers. For all those who crave for comfort food, it’s a perfect place to dine at.

Boasting DJs on the basement and auto themed restaurant at street level, this hangout spot is a must try. The talented team has taken pride in serving the Cornish Hen with Arkansas white sauce, grilled cabbage and hen broth at Summerlicious 2016.

The Borough
Want to taste some local Canadian cuisine? This venue is on top list of some locals who love Canadian food. Their summerlicious menu had been offering crab cakes, pearl barley risotto, chicken cordon bleu, burgers with a twist, sticky toffee pudding and crème brulee made with different ingredients daily.

If you love Middle East cuisine, then make your way to midtown Toronto and step into the world of flavor at Tabülè.

From the exotic décor to the comforting classic Middle Eastern flavors, it is perfect addition to any foodie’s Summerlicious 2016 experience.

Bottom- line
Summerlicious is for every kind of foodie! It only happens for 2 weeks in the entire year so why miss it? It’s a chance for locals and visitors to explore restaurants they have never been to!

If you are scared of bills, they don’t as restaurants will offer meals under fixed price category as mentioned above. Don’t miss your chance of indulging in high quality cuisine for affordable prices.

For participating restaurants, visit the official summerlicious page at

Bon Appétit!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Car insurance frauds to watch out for and ways to avoid them!

Partsavatar outlines some of the most common auto insurance scams and tips to avoid them.
When you get involved in an accident, you are already so bewildered by the whole situation occurred, and the other party takes advantage of your vulnerability. Mostly auto insurance scammers take benefit of the situation and demand insurance money for their damaged vehicle. They don’t even give us chance to think.

The worst thing is most accidents are planned to gain insurance money out of innocent drivers. In Ontario, Canada, some scammers deliberately stop their cars on the highways while driving to get forcefully hit by the vehicle coming from behind. In U.S.A. insurance fraud is second most burdensome crime after tax evasion.  It is very important to be active on the road, and be aware of the drivers that are driving nearby. Well, when we are driving we are attentive for our vehicle, and who knows the scammer is driving in front of you.

So in this article, you will know about some famous and common methods of auto insurance scams and ways to deal with them.


This type of staged crash is quite common on highways or expressways. According to L.A. times these incidents are increasing in Los Angeles. The scammers target luxury or commercial vehicles with larger insurance policies. These scams involve two cars: one driver beside the victim while the other swoops in front of the victim’s car and stops suddenly to cause rear end crash. The fraudsters may come from behind, slow down in busy traffic or at an intersection to cause a crash. They then demand injury and collision insurance against your auto policy.

In traffic, they will accelerate quickly as if the traffic started, but then suddenly push the brakes to catch the victim while they are still accelerating.
It is a coordinated scam and the other car pulls alongside the victim so that they cannot change the lanes.

These scams involve even doctors and professionals in it. They work with the criminals to stage these accidents by identifying the other parties.


In this situation, always keep an eye on the traffic ahead of immediate car. By this you may know the need to speed or slow down. Drivers are advised not to follow the other car too closely.


This scam happens after a crash has occurred. A stranger may approach you at the crash site or even phone you and pose as a third party insurance official. He will try to convince you to use particular lawyer or health clinic for your injuries. Beware, as it may be a setup for fraudulent car repairs, medical treatments and bogus insurance claims.


You should deal with your insurance company officials and other’s insurance official directly without involving any third party. Do not provide any information to parties other than your insurance company.


In staged or normal accidents the scammers will act as if they are severely injured to get larger portion of insurance money. They usually claim the injuries that are difficult to notice such as back pain, whiplash or phantom pain. It is hard to find traces of whiplash on the X-ray report, so scammers may get some fraud doctors involved with them to create a false report of their injury. Scammers forge their injury reports to get payout from insurance companies.

Similar to fake injury claims, con artists will claim that their vehicle was damaged far worse than it actually was. Some scammers use pre damaged vehicle like car with damaged auto door mirrors, headlights and taillights or dents, to collide. This is done to show extra damage on their vehicles and to claim extra money from insurance companies. Sometimes, along with the fake damage claiming parties some people are involved who out of nowhere claim injuries.

Fake victim will claim to have been involved in the accident when they were not.


Notice if the driver is fine before the arrival of the police. Because when the police intervene, scammers start to act and moan. File a police report even for a minor accident. No one could forge an official record. So if the official record claims scratches and minor injuries occurred at the time of accident, then the scammer may not be able to claim money for extra severe injuries from insurance companies.
Also, when you are in an accident, get evidence as much as you can from your smart phone. Take pictures of the damaged car parts, victim, driver’s license number, number of passengers present in victim’s car, vehicles involved and eyewitness present. You can also let the police probe into it rather wasting time on arguing so that the other party could not scam you.


Beware if you are driving in the inner lane at busy intersection. While turning if you try to drift into outer lane, scammers may deliberately ram you.

The scammer will be driving next you and deliberately ram into your car to cause accident. These situations commonly happen when the driver is distracted and does not notice to have entered scammer’s lane. The scammer will claim that the victim was not cautiously driving and was engaged in other work or was distracted.
This type of scamming is hard to prove, so it is not so common.


The best way to avoid this is to stay inside your lane. Do not give any opportunity to scammer and be aware. In this situation, dashboard cameras can be useful as they will be recording your side of story so scamming will be difficult.


When you are trying to merge into traffic, scammer will slow down and wave you forward. He then deliberately crashes into your car and denies giving you any signal to merge. This is done to make it seem like the victim was at fault.
It is one of most common scamming technique as the innocent driver cannot prove whether the scammer signaled him or not.


Keep a sharp eye on the road. Before following any gesture, examine the traffic or space as much as you can. You can ask your co passenger to help you examine because sometimes it is easy to see from the other end.

With these guides and advices, hopefully you can avoid getting involved into fake insurance claims. Always be aware on the road and do not let the scammer to con you by getting evidences as much as possible.

You can seek help of police if you find something fishy. Contact your state insurance fraud bureau if a scammer tries to steer you to an unknown repair shop or clinic.
Keep medical records of the treatments you received. Contact your medical licensing board to ensure your doctor is licensed.

Partsavatar advises you to follow these instructions for safe driving and beware of the scammers on the road. visit for aftermarket auto parts.