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Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

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Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Painting your car for the first time?? Here are tips that will help you cleanly fog a new coat on your 4×4!

Painting your car for the first time can be a fun experience or a complete nightmare! But if you are a Pro, Paint Job could save you thousands of Dollars. Want to become a Pro? Follow our Guide. - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Performance Auto Parts.

If you are restoring a vehicle, a major milestone in the process is when you paint the vehicle. Depending on your skills, you may wish to tackle the paint job yourself.

If you have never painted before, the idea of painting may seem fun. But a slight mistake can turn your hard work into waste. So, before going on DIY Paint job, follow this Paint job guide or tips, so that your car won’t turn into a disaster!

Pick a proper time and place
Strictly avoid painting in wind, rain and snow. Some paints won’t cure properly in overly cold, hot or humid conditions. It is not recommended for you to paint in spring because the air is filled with pollens and bugs.

Anyone would go crazy at the sight of bugs resting on your freshly painted car.
A car should be painted indoors. Painting over a lawn or under a tree will guarantee you will have a lot of insects or leaves embedded in your paint. A two car garage works very well.

A clean workplace or garage is also essential for a successful paint job. Make sure the garage or area where you plan to paint your car is clean and free of dust. It would be wise to mop the floor prior painting a car.

Properly ventilate the area where the DIY is going to be performed. Make sure the workplace is dry. Drying the area is very important otherwise corrosion would take place and your efforts will be in vain.
If you live in deserts, you can paint your car in summer, early in the morning before the sun had a chance to increase the air temperature.

But, avoid painting in direct sunlight. You can create a shaded temporary spray booth with easy up or masking film.

Use recommended thinner
Use the recommended thinner and follow the thinning directions. One quart paint cups make mixing and pouring easier. You can find them at any paint store.
Shake the paint well using car paint shaker.

Use a new paint strainer to pour paint into the car spray gun or solid particles could clog the tip.

Treating Rust
Rust repair isn’t hard but its time consuming. It is essential for the car to have all its rust removed chemically before it is painted because rust causes paint to bubble.

You can also cut the rusted metal and replace the panel entirely. This is because painting the rust surface before removing it will just prolong its life.

You can easily replace  car front bumpers, car doors, auto fenders and hoods at PartsAvatar under economic prices.

Use Lustreless, Satin and Flat paints

The easiest paints to lay down are lustreless, satin and flat paints. These also hide the imperfections in the body and your prep work. Lighter colors hide imperfections better than darker colors if that’s important to you.

Use high quality Body Filler
The smooth the surface of your car and prepare it for painting, use high quality body filler. Low quality body fillers do not last as long as high quality ones.

No one wishes to get car’s paint job done again. They are also difficult to sand, which increases amount of time and effort required to make the body panel smooth. Why not use quality paint products in the first place?

Use quality Primer
Priming is essential step in painting metal surfaces. You will need to prime before applying any top coat or color to the car. Primers seal the surface and create a protective barrier. They also create ideal surface for the color coat paint to adhere to. Always choose high build primers and make sure the area you plan to paint is thoroughly cleaned before you start.

Wear a respirator
When you are spray painting in an enclosed space, you must use a respirator with disposable cartridges. A good respirator will cost you about $50 if you by it any online auto store like
Don’t forget to take other proper safety precautions when spray painting such as wearing eye protection.

Practice on a price of scrap material
Practice on a piece of scrap material and play with airflow and paint adjustments on the gun to find what works best for you.
Move the gun side to side and keep practicing.

Hit the hard to reach the crevices first
Round spray pattern works best for tight spots. You may want to increase paint flow to get better finish on wheel wells, frames, suspension parts and axles.

Spray the backside of removed body parts
You can first spray the backside of the removed panels or parts to avoid mess. It is always better to hang the panels so that they can be painted at once.

Use a pressure regulator and water and oil separator
It is better to use pressure regulator to ensure paint pressure is not too high or low. Use oil separator to ensure that paint is not contaminated.


Whether you are giving your car a fresh new paint colour, or matching the existing paint, you will need a correct shade. Use recommended ratios to mix the paint with thinner and primer.

Each coat will take about 10 minutes to apply per panel and between 20 minutes to an hour between recoating for the paint to cure.
Read paint can’s instructions thoroughly and use the drying time accordingly. Apply three to four coats.

Before applying final coat, remove residue with sandpaper and wipe it down with a clean rag. Repeat it until you get a clear coat lacquer.
You may want to wait several days for the paint to fully cure before bolting things back together.

If you follow these tips, you should end up with a fine paint job. But a last tip for the first timers. Let your professional handle the paint job and examine him carefully. And for the second time, the arena is all yours!

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

If you find rust spots on your car, don’t panic! Here are some useful tips to fight back and Buy Replace your car’s old parts at PartsAvatar Car Parts!!

Rust can ruin your pride on the road! If your car has become an eyesore due to rusting, don’t worry! We can help you fix it! Check out some useful tips to keep your vehicle rust free.-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Parts!

Is rust accumulating on your car? You can’t find any remedy? Or are you afraid that your car’s resale value will degrade due to rusting?? So, bottom-line is how to protect your car from rusting to begin with?? Scroll down further!

The paint on your vehicle is not only for beauty but for protection as well. There is nothing worse than finding a patch of rust on your car.
To begin with, it is absolutely heart breaking to see rust on the car and secondly it can damage the rigidity of the body and chassis.

Trouble with rust is that it eats the metal and makes it weak. Always keep visually checking your vehicle for any trace of rust. Even minor dents or scratches can develop rusts in them. So never ignore them, treat them right away!

First, you need to know there are certain levels of rust that can accumulate on a car. They are surface rust, scale rust and penetrating rust.

Surface Rust
Rust is the term for electromechanical breakdown of iron based metals called oxidation. Rust preys on chemical and structural in metal alloys at the microscopic and molecular levels. Surface rust traces can be found on cracks, scratches etc.

Pure iron doesn’t oxidize aggressively. Iron isn’t good material for making cars but steel provides tensile strength, flexibility and formability. But by definition this adds impurities – impurities that accelerate the rusting process.

Scale Rust
It is the chemical process of rusting that corrupts the surface and reduces the metal strength. The exposed area of steel can rust depending on several factors like environment, alloy components and thickness. Also salt can accelerate the rusting process. That is why in winter areas where salt is used, vehicles are prone to rot.

Penetrating Rust
Road facing side of car is sand blasting cabinet at highway speeds and coatings wear off over time. Regular inspection and covering spots worn bare will keep rust from advancing and causing additional damage.

You should check the trouble spots which often give way to rusting.
Check the small scratches, nicks and spots where the paint may have flaked off. Touch up the paint in those areas before rust can form on the bare metal.
Dark spots in the paint may indicate that metal is rusting underneath.

Treat the pitted places in the paint and on the chrome and metal trim with rust remover following the instructions on the package.
Check the metal surface inside the vehicle if you live in damp area. Don’t forget the car fenders, wheel wells and behind metal bumpers. Fenders accumulate rust quickly.
Keep your vehicle rust free with following tips:

Wash car regularly

If you live in cold regions, there are high chances of your car getting damaged due to salt, dirt and other debris. The best way to keep your car from rusting is by washing it regularly.

Washing a car is very simple. You will need car wash detergent, a large supply of water, buckets, microfiber cloths or towel to dry a car and hoses.

If you live in winter areas, wash your car once a week especially when salt has been put on road. Manually wash your car every two weeks.

Since the wheels are the dirtiest part of the car, start with them. Clean the tire sidewalls with a plastic brush. At some point after you have washed the majority of your car’s surface, use the spray from your hose to rinse the bottom of your car from various angles.
You can shop for these car garage shop supplies at any online store at cheap prices!
At last apply an anti rust spray to prevent rust damage before it begins.

Use rust proofing spray to prevent rust

For slightly larger painted areas, use a brush with stiff bristles. Use fine grain sandpaper to scrape away the rust.

After you have removed the rust, apply the rust arrestor to keep the rust from spreading further. If you live in snowy regions, the best way protect your car from road salt is to have the car body oiled annually with rust proofing spray.

Rust proof oil not only gives protection to your car from road salt but also protects the electrical components, brake and fuel lines against corrosion. It also protects winter tires from the wrath of road salt.
You can also apply sealants but they do not creep as deep into a car’s metal folds where rust typically begins. 

But still, use them when the vehicle is clean and dry.
Electronic rust inhibitors are also a famous product sold by dealers. But it is effective on boats and bridges, not on auto mobiles.
New cars can start showing signs of rust in just 2-3 years if not treated. You can use the rust check oil to slow the rust from spreading.

Don’t forget to treat the rust spots early. Use sandpaper to sand down the rusted area. Once you have removed the rust, apply primer and let it dry. After the primer has completely dried, apply touch up paint to cover the treated area.

You can treat a small spot of rust by your own. But if the damage is extensive, don’t hesitate in taking assistance of a professional.
Another effective way to keep away rust from wheels is adding one table spoon of baking soda to the soap for cleaning the car as this will help prevent rust under wheel wells.

Coat your car with a good car wax. This will repel water and will protect the paint.
Even if you don’t salt your driveway for sure footed safety, road salt will drip off your car and deteriorate, crack and stain the parking surface. Use commercial grade sealers to protect your car’s driveways against road salts.

For optimum appearance and longevity, treat your driveway once a year.

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