Clean and Care of your Vehicle Battery

Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

Driving is stressful for you?? Just relax…Because Nissan has made your job easy!!!!

Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Do you know that majority of modern cars are powered by four-stroke, internal combustion gasoline engines.? Read this article to know more about Car Engine.!

Do you know that Car engine is the heart of your car? Have a look at some main parts of an automotive engine with Parts Avatar – Aftermarket  Auto Parts

Can you survive in the absence of your heart? Your answer to this question would be a big “NO”. Same is the case with automobiles as even they cannot survive in the absence of a car engine as it is the burning heart of our car. Most of us want to experience thrill while driving and it all depends upon the capacity of its power unit and then later to the limits up to which we can push it harder. Our car is able to move at a fast speed because of the combination of all the engine parts.

So now you must be curious to know what its components are, have a look at them below:
Main Parts of a Car Engine

1.      Engine Block

One of the most essential parts of an engine is its engine block. Some molten iron or aluminium alloy is poured into a mold to form this part. This mold is formed in such a way that it has required number of holes in the casted block which are later known as the engine cylinders. The engine block also contains semi- circular seats.

2.      Piston

A piston is cylindrical in shape and it has a flat surface at the top. It moves up and down in an engine. Piston has a lot of uses as well as functions. When we are talking about the four stroke, then the piston is pulled or pushed with the assistance of a crankshaft and during a compression stroke, the piston is pushed with great explosion of mixture of air as well as fuel.
The components of piston are:
·         Piston Pins
·         Piston Rings
·         Piston Floor Mats
·         Piston Valve

3.      Camshaft

Camshaft is a rotating instrument which is utilized in piston engines. It has a number of cams which regulate the opening as well as closing of the valves in the piston engines. It works with the assistance of a belt, chains and gears.

4.       Crankshaft

The up and down movement of the pistons in converted into a rotator motion with the help of a device known as crankshaft. It is present at the end of the engine and it helps to rotate the pistons in a circular motion. It is connected to flywheel, clutch, main shaft of the transmission and belt pulley.

5.      Engine Oil System

A car engine cannot survive in the absence of engine oil. Oil pump is used to distribute the oil under great pressure to all the moving parts of an engine. It is placed at the end of an engine in the oil pan and is further joined using a gear to the crankshaft or the camshaft. An oil pressure sensor lies near the oil pump which helps in sending the information about the present status of oil to the warning light or meter gauge.

6.      Engine Brackets

It is a metallic part which is used to join the engine mount to the power unit. This auto part is installed between then to dampen the overall vibrations which have been generated by the car engine. Thus, it helps to prevent the vehicle’s body from shaking due to the vibrations caused.

If you wish to purchase replacement parts for your car engine, then you must visit Parts Avatar as our main motive is to achieve customer satisfaction.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Selecting a good mechanic a problem?? Now rely on these tips by PartsAvatar Car Body Parts Toronto !!

Selecting right mechanic becoming a difficult job? Don’t worry, here are some tips to follow.-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto body parts.

We often get conned by fake auto repair shops or because we are suggested unnecessary repairs by an inexperienced mechanic. This causes waste of time and money.

So, while going for a good mechanic, don’t forget to buy reliable and durable car parts which are necessary for your car’s optimized performance. Make sure to upgrade car replacement parts for better drivability and comfort on road.

But there are certainly some auto repair jobs that require good technical skill. What will you do if you have little knowledge about your car part? Of course at that time, the only solution is going to a trusted auto mechanic. But today some mechanics do not fulfill the things they promise in advertisement.

Don’t let fake mechanics take advantage of your vulnerability and lack of proper knowledge about car and its working. You shouldn’t be naive when it comes to car. Every car driver is provided with owner’s manual and they are often written in easy language for us to understand.

Moreover, follow scheduled maintenance in order to enjoy an optimized performance every time. Check out the tips to find a good mechanic!

Take opinions from close friends
This often works! For instance if you are new to a town, its not bad to ask which mechanic is popular in the area for its best services. You can take help of your friends or acquaintances.

You can ask for their recommendations so don’t hesitate in asking for the opinions of your peers or colleagues.
If they are satisfied with the mechanic’s service, then here you go.

Verify the certificate
Certificates are only provided to those expert mechanics who can deliver the output with desired results on time. So, try to go with those which are certified.
You can also verify their certificate or licence number as there are various ways online in order to help the consumer.

Do not fall prey to someone who says he has repaired more than 1000 vehicles without any certificate or licence. You cant trust his words, can you?

Browse online
In today’s world, the easiest way of finding something is browsing on internet. All you have to do is type appropriate keyword and your desired browser would line up best results in your service.  

But make sure to read the public reviews about that mechanic you are looking for. Don’t pay attention to negative comments that make no sense because sometimes there are various pranksters who love to alter someone’s good image in public.
If the mechanic is having its website, you can also chat with someone who is available at the moment in order to know more. All in all, internet is a great thing if you want to search thoroughly.

Ask other car owners

Do you happen to know someone who owns a truck or delivery van? They need special care so they wont be investing in a bogus mechanic.
Its no bad in asking them where do get their vehicle serviced. This is because, certainly that place is for expert mechanics and you wont cry out for spending so much money on trivial auto repair jobs like others do.

Find now
Are you waiting for a big loss to happen to your car? It means, you should be prepared before a big problem comes in your way. 

This is because, at that moment, mechanics often take advantage of person’s lack of senses and vulnerability.
Start with small maintenances like oil change, checking pressure of tire, liquid flushing etc. This way you can also check that mechanic’s skills and you wont have to run looking for a good mechanic when going for big repair jobs.

Ask for insurances
Insurance at auto repair shop? Yes, because some auto repair shops or mechanics come with three types of insurance schemes- business owner policy, general liability and workers’ compensation.

Under general liability category if you or your car get damaged in that repair shop, you are eligible to claim the insurance.
Shop also has its own insurance claims where they are eligible to get the insurance for property and assets of shop.

Interview him
you can personally question him. You can query about their job experience, if they guarantee their work, which type of auto parts they use for replacement, what is their estimated fees and labour rates.

Make sure to find a good one. These are quite useful tips in finding a good mechanic. If you are looking for a reliable car engine parts shop online, then look no further than PartsAvatar replacement car parts Canada.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Buy Car parts online at PartsAvatar Auto Parts Canada and follow car mileage increasing tips here !!

Want a high mileage vehicle? Head over to PartsAvatar car engine parts and maintain your vehicle like a pro with simple tips!!

There are various ways by which you can simply increase your car’s mileage. you must alter your bad driving habits first because we are partially or fully responsible for our car’s bad health and degrading fuel efficiency.

Upgrade your car’s parts here at PartsAvatar Auto Parts and you can also consider brands like Spectra parts for better fuel tanks’ optimization. No one wants to ride a vehicle with poor mileage because it is total waste of money and fuel as well. This not only affects the efficiency of your car but will also result in premature damage to some of the important and expensive car components.

Check out some easy yet important tips to increase gas mileage of your vehicle!

Routine maintenance is very important!!
Believe it or not but routine maintenance of your car plays pivotal role in its driveability. Make a check list of must be checked items and make sure to keep an eye on them daily.

The daily checklist must include- checking tire pressure( you will be busted on road due to flat tire!), lubricating the vehicle with oil( never keep your engine, oil hungry, if and only if you want to degrade your engine and want expensive auto parts replacement), also don’t forget cooling fluids such as coolants/antifreezes in order to maintain optimum temperature of your car.

There are various other tasks that you can include in your checklist. This all depends upon your requirements, so make sure to keep a look at your car’s behaviour.

Check the fluids in your car
Whether you are going for a routine maintenance or are visiting the garage for a scheduled maintenance after 15000 miles, you must get your car fluids checked.
Every car fluid has its own functioning so make sure to flush the old fluid if it is showing you red flag. Check the brake fluid level. This is because, bubbly brake fluid or low level of brake fluids result in inappropriate performance by car brakes, which is not good when it comes to your safety! It usually results in hard braking.

Make sure to check the transmission fluid that might need to be flushed if and only if your car manual suggests you to do so. Never ignore your car manual’s suggestions especially when you are newbie when it comes to cars.
Black flush the radiator from the engine side with a garden hose and make sure to check the coolant strength.

Also, check the power steering fluid. Why should the washer fluids suffer when we are checking every fluid level in our car? Especially if you need to clean your windshield almost every day due to climate, then you must get your washer fluid refilled.

Giving a thorough check !

Now, coming to the main task. Though you cant include it in your daily maintenance checklist but if you have pre planned your car maintenance schedule after a long period, then you must.

These tasks include getting your spark plugs checked( without spark plugs, your car wont move an inch!), check the distributor cap( it shouldn’t be loose) and the rotor, inspect the oxygen sensors of your car and make sure to replace oxygen sensors if they are in demand of replacement. Also while doing inner inspection, make sure to check the car for leaks. This is because leaks are car’s enemies and they pave way to expensive car damages.

Filters shouldn’t be dirty
Filters act as purifier for our cars. Their are various filters for specific purposes like fuel filters, air filters, cabin air filter, oil filter etc. they screen out the impurities or micro substances that hamper with the chemical properties of air, fuel or oil. This is why the clogged filters are often the reason behind bad car mileage.

Don’t drive your car with dirty or clogged filter, get them cleaned or at once, replace them. Filters are economical to purchase, but the damage done by them could cost you thousands of dollars. So, you can make your choice.

Check the brakes and tire wear
When was the last time you instructed your mechanic to check car brakes. car brakes are very important auto part that need to be inspected as it ensures our life safety.
You must also check the tire wear pattern. This is because the irregular tire wear not only results in premature tire damages but also disturbs the mileage. Moreover the under inflated tires also give way to premature tire wear. Tires are one of the most expensive part of car to be replaced. So, make sure to check them too.

Get rid of that extra weight
Get rid of that weight at once, that have made its room for past few years. This is because it is unnecessarily sitting in there doing nothing but degrading your car’s mileage.

The heavier the car, the greater will be its thirst. Dump that old gears you have been storing in your car in your garage, spare tire that’s useless now or any other thing that is nothing but an extra weight.

Also, make sure to keep an eye on your driving habits. Our driving habits like slamming on brakes, not letting the engine get warm while starting, rash driving, driving on empty tank cost us a damaged car mileage.

So, what do you choose, the choice is all yours!
If you are on the hunt for an online car parts store that has everything that you need, then look no further than PartsAvatar Car Parts Online.