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Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

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Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

For better Handling and Stable ride of car, Upgrade Outer Tie rod ends at PartsAvatar Car Replacement Parts online !!

For better steering and handling buy tie rod ends and save your car from unmaintained roads and potholes.-brought to you by PartsAvatar  Car Steering Parts.

Failing tie rod ends could be serious issue. Do you know what transmits the force from steering to the wheel? A lot of us don’t understand steering system. So in this guide, let’s read about tie rod ends, their working and symptoms of malfunctioning tie rod ends.

Tie Rod Ends
The tie rod ends are components that connect the steering rack to the steering knuckle on each front wheel. Car steering system is made of various pivotal components like steering column, steering gear and steering wheel.

The tie rods are similar to small ball joints that allow up and down movement of steering components. Tie rod maintains the connection with steering and wheel. Modern vehicles come with rack and pinion system the tie rods are attached to the ends of steering rack.

When you turn the steering wheel, it transmits the movement through the steering components until the tie rod end push or pull the wheel and makes it turn.
Tie rod ends play vital role in safety of a driver because, unable to take turn on crucial ways or traffic could cause severe accident.

Symptoms of Malfunctioning Tie Rods
There are several symptoms from where you can easily judge whether the time has come to change the worn tie rods or not.
Do you see uneven wear pattern on edges of the tire? Is it inside or outside tread of your front tires that shows wear pattern? The wheel camber might be incorrect and you may have to visit mechanic for further inspection and replacements of car parts that have worn.

A weak tie rod end will cause the steering wheel to shift to one side or the other while turning. If it gets extremely bad, the steering wheel could shake violently from side to side. Older vehicles use steering box and linkage system and modern vehicles use rack and pinion system. Both are repairable.

A worn steering linkage or worn tie rod end may cause your car to shift to one side.
If you are hearing loud squealing sound when turning, there might be possibility of vital suspension components like tie rods ends, ball joints, seals, bushings and bearings might be damaged. There might be other several causes behind the squealing sound like faulty wheel bearing, loose wheel lugs, worn brakes of your car etc.

If you are feeling your steering wheel to be clunky or shaky, this might be due to disconnection between steering movement and movement in the wheel.

Tie rod ends need to rotate and lubrication is needed to prevent wear. Damage to the boot means the lubricate leaks out and contaminants get in to wear the joint. The rubber may also get torn by time and because of this the tie rod eventually starts malfunctioning.

Over greasing is not good because it causes the protective boot of the tie rod to tear and it may get into brake rotors and interfere with braking. Always check service manual before lubricating tie rods yourself.

Squeak sound is caused by broken tie rod which is hell dangerous. When the rubber seal fails, the lubrication is lost. The rust may accumulate and corrosion happens. This destroys the tie and may cause it to separate.

A broken tie rod is not good because it would cause steering loss and eventually result in fatal accident. So, make sure you visit a professional that can look into the exact problem.

Just be aware and don’t skip maintenance schedules of your car.
But how to tell if its time for replacement? If the bushing around tie rod is torn and debris has accumulated inside and destroyed it, you will need to change the tie rods. If the bushing is solid, reach up and grasp the outer tie rod firmly and give it a good shake. Is it moving from side to side? Time for replacement has come!

Inspection of tie rods

The proper checking of tie rods is done on wheel alignment rack. So you can easily move the wheel but it will be at normal height. From that part you can easily see the tie rods hanging down. Pushing in and out at the front of the tires will show if there is a slack in the tie rods.
Inner tie rods are sometimes covered by a rubber cover on rack and pinion steering. You can squeeze the cover to feel the slack.
Proper greasing and lubrication of tie rods could assure you hassle free and safe car driving for years. But make sure that you are over greasing or over lubricating them as it may have negative impact on them.
Are you looking for the best performance auto parts to upgrade your ride? Or are you searching for compatible replacement parts to use on your DIY vehicle repair project? Whatever your automotive-related needs may be, you can now easily get it with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Parts Avatar Canada has the finest quality of steering wheels which would help you to cover long distances, so come visit us.

Working of your Steering Wheel
All of you are aware that whenever you turn the steering wheel of your car, then wheels of your car turn as well.  So we can say that it is a cause and effect relationship. The car part is directly linked to the wheels through hubs, bearings and axles.
Many people are aware what a steering wheel is and its uses. You can turn the wheels left or right with the help of a steering wheel. But, only a few people know that how a steering wheel and front wheels are linked together.

 Rack and Pinion steering
The steering system which modern cars use is known as rack-and-pinion steering. It is located at the front of the driver’s seat and allows him/her to control the direction of the wheels by turning the steering towards left or right. It is available in many different shapes and sizes and some of them even have airbags included and controls many other important systems of your car.
The steering wheel’s have a shaft which extends through the car’s firewall. A lot of cars which are manufactured recently have steering shafts which would immediately collapse in case an accident occurs, protecting the driver from getting severely injured by the wheel.
The cars with hydraulic power steering have shaft which is connected to a rotary valve. The main function of this valve is to open and close as it is rotated so that it can help the steering shaft to turn the pinion gear. This would help one to operate the steering easily.
Advantages of Rack and Pinion Type
  • Its construction is simple
  • Economical
  • Manufacturing is not at all complicated
  • It is compact
  • Easy to limit the steering rack
  • Sensitivity is greater
  • More stress
  • One can feel the disturbance in the steering wheel easily

This type of steering utilizes the hydraulic pump which is directly connected with the car’s engine. The hydraulic fluid is then pressurized by the pump. This power steering is preferred and loved by many drivers. The reason behind it is its practicality and the drivers feel comfortable to drive while using it. Almost all the sports cars use this steering.
If your car possesses an electric motor with a steering shaft, then your car has an electric power steering. One can mount the electric motor easily, that’s why it is more flexible. Unlike other systems, it doesn’t need any hydraulic pump to function.

Electric power steering
It has an electric motor that would help in turning. There is a sensor which would sense that how much wheel is being rotated by the driver. It can also sense the force, which means that how much force was actually used to turn the steering.
Future of Power Steering
In a power steering pump, the fluid is pumped all the time and this would ultimately waste the horsepower. The very important thing here is that this power which is wasted turns into wasted fuel. Fuel economy would be improved with several innovations. There are two cool systems which would totally eliminate the mechanical connection which is between the wheel and the steering, they are:-
  1. Steer-by-wire
  2. Drive-by-wire

Power steering is truly power assisted. The best way through which you can maintain it is by regularly checking its fluid level and condition. Damage can be caused to some components of your steering if the fluid level is low. If there is any sort of leakage, then you must get it repaired in short period of time. Once 50,000 miles are completed, then you must get the flushed out so that it doesn’t get contaminated. The key to keep the power steering pump is fluid.
Shaking of your steering wheel
Problems which can occur to your steering are:-
  • The steering turns hard
  • Heavy steering even at low speed
  • Whenever you turn the steering wheel, unusual noise begins
  • Shaking of the wheel
  • When wheel doesn’t return to the “center” properly
  • Some sort of leakage under the vehicle

If you feel any of such problems when you are driving, then there is some sort of issue with the steering wheel or your suspension system. It can also mean that the wheels of your automobile are loose. If any such problem occurs, then you must visit a mechanic.
If your drive a car, then you must know that the steering wheel is the only thing which a driver touches the most. He or she spends the maximum time looking at it and operating it. A classy steering wheel can attract people towards your car. Thus, we can say that a steering wheel is an important auto component.
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