Clean and Care of your Vehicle Battery

Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

Driving is stressful for you?? Just relax…Because Nissan has made your job easy!!!!

Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

AfterMarket Parts Vs OEM? Learn if OEM car Parts are worth the Extra Money!

Partsavatar believes in providing its valuable customers with best car parts. For auto parts replacement you have two options- Aftermarket and OEM. Make the best decision for your car by going through this article.

When you want to buy auto parts for your car, you have several options like Aftermarket and OEM. Buying the best car part is your first priority because it not only ensures best performance but also ensures safety for you on the road.
 In this article let us explore, what these two terms mean and how reliable these are for vehicle’s performance.

Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM auto parts are made by the car’s manufacturer. These auto parts match the specification of your vehicle.
Whereas, aftermarket parts are produced by different companies other than the real manufacturer. You have a wide option of brands in this case and buying and selling is also easy. There are numerous companies that design or produce auto parts separately that perform same function than the OEM or even better.

There is a lot of argument going on this topic , so lets differentiate both terms in easy manner and learn their pros and cons.


The aftermarket is actually remanufacturing, retailing, distributing and even installing the vehicle parts and accessories that are not produced by the original manufacturer.
The consumers can either repair their auto vehicle by themselves by going through do it yourself manuals or take mechanic or professionals help.

Aftermarket always involves the third party auto parts manufacturer yet the functions are same and the prices are quite cheap and affordable as compared to OEM.

Nowadays, aftermarket auto parts are quite in trend. A lot of online stores like PartsAvatar Canada provide reliable purchasing at your doorsteps. People are often interested in buying an aftermarket auto part rather going to real manufacturer. It is a very rare case or for exceptional car parts, the consumer chooses OEM auto parts.
There are certain benefits of aftermarket parts as follows

Less expensive

The very first reason for choosing aftermarket over OEM is that they provide better quality auto parts under cheap prices. Aftermarket retail shops and websites offer cost saving and convenient auto products. The price can vary with the brand you are choosing and most importantly you can see all the specifications of that brand and hence selecting is quite easy as everything is in front of you.

Due to free shipping offered by some online retail stores like Partsavatar, your time and travelling expenses are also saved. You cannot compromise for quality for low price, so you can research for that brand on internet for quality check as aftermarket always sells registered brands.


Aftermarket is all about variety of brands. You have so many options available that sometimes it really becomes difficult to choose. Specific companies make specific parts like Monroe. If you are confused regarding selection of a best auto part, it is better to take advice from your trusted mechanic. Always choose what fits your vehicle more precisely.

High Quality

Aftermarket auto parts stores generally try to provide high quality auto parts equal to or more than the OEM ones. Quality is the thing that cannot be compromised, so there foremost purpose is to sell best quality parts even better than the original one.
While looking for quality, also look for better warranty offered by the company. It is wise to take advice of a professional to make a better choice.

Many aftermarket performance parts are available under high quality and also in fashion as auto Brake pads, radiator of car, Remanufactured auto Alternators, cars' control arm etc.
Many expensive repair auto parts are also available in aftermarket like car's Oxygen sensors, auto Head gasket sets etc.


The main con that is evident is due to its main pro that is vast variety. Due to so much variety, you have a large option, if you are ignorant of the brand or the part then it may create issue for you.

Sometimes, we pick cheap priced auto part other than more costly one. Its better to take advice of your mechanic or search for the brands reliability before ordering anything.

Another con is the warranty. Some auto parts do not provide warranty though they are high performance parts than the original one. So warranty causes issues sometimes for expensive or delicate products.


OEM parts are manufacturer produced. Your car dealership offers these parts as they are same as the ones in your vehicle. These parts are quite expensive. Let us read about major benefits and cons of these over aftermarket auto products.


OEM parts provide warranty. Most automakers provide one year warranty with their parts.

Easy selection

As you have to buy the exact auto part for replacement, so the choice has nothing to do here. You just go to the dealership’s parts counter and get the desired one easily. You don’t even have to worry about quality or price of auto part.

Quality Assurance

Quality is assured as the OEM part works the same as the previous part so you are familiar with the quality.


Even though you purchase OEM product thinking that it will be far better than the aftermarket one, but sometimes you may not get what you wished for. Sometimes you are just paying money for bigger brand names. Aftermarket products produce quality equal or more than that of OEM. So you should be careful.

OEM parts are very expensive. Its price is not something you can bargain so you will have to pay for fixed cost. Auto parts like Catalytic converters are quite expensive to replace due to their delicate design.

As aftermarket provides shipping facilities, so is not with OEM. You will have to visit the dealership to shop for desired product. You will also have to pay for the costly labour to fit that part there.


If you are familiar with the brands and their working reliability, then you can easily choose aftermarket products. But make sure quality should not be compromised because, repair is always done to get better performance out of your vehicle and quality is the one factor that can assure it.

It is wise to research the aftermarket brand before making decision. Or if you are still ignorant and confused it is better to stick to OEM for your satisfaction.

If you have selected the aftermarket option, then visit PartsAvatar for best brand and cheap priced replacement Auto parts for your vehicle.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Don't be a Dummy regairding Car lights. Clarify where and when they are used @Partsavatar

Can I use a fog light when it isn’t foggy? When can I use high beam? Know correct uses of Car lights at Partsavatar.
Although automotive lighting seem to be easy but not all of us know how essential it is to use right light at right time life Is so full of work, school and other responsibilities that at the end of the day, the drivers are so tired that they have difficulty focusing on tiny details such as which light to be turned on for different type of weather.
 Not everyone is having perfect eyesight though. Mostly drivers are said to have problems while night driving as visibility is often bad in cold weather areas and their own eye sight is just icing on the cake.

You need to be fully aware about lights. You cannot take chance with your safety as sometimes using wrong light may not give you the preferred visibility and you may get into an unknown trouble because of this.

There are various kinds of car lights and all those vary with the weather and even sometimes cars itself. So, Partsavatar presents this guide for you to explore the driving lights and fog lights as they are the most common car lights in use by drivers.


car's Fog lights are located near the headlights and are mounted low in order to prevent the light from refracting on the fog and glaring back towards the driver. These lights are strong, so they should only be used under foggy conditions. You must switch off the fog lights when not in use as it may make other driver blind.

They are far different from the regular headlights and have a unique beam shape. The shape of the fog light beam is that of a narrow bar. These are so strong that they are meant to cut through the fog and even zero visibility region.
Fog lights can also be used where there is snow or dust as it can easily churn up from the surface of the road. Without fog lights you might not be able to see objects like trees, wild animals or debris.

 Front fog lights

These lights are designed for the purpose of improving road vision in hazardous weather conditions. These fog lights emit a wide beam that enhances lighting below the level of fog or mist. These fog lights are generally white in color.

Rear fog lights

Rear fog lights are made to be used in adverse weather conditions as the front ones such as fog, mist or heavy rain. The only difference is that their purpose is to enhance the lighting for the vehicles coming behind. They warn the other drivers coming from behind of the car’s presence on the road. These fog lights are generally red in color.

Restriction on use of fog lights

Fog lights are not meant to be used in all weather conditions. Some areas are so strict regarding this, as if you are accidentally or purposely using fog light in normal condition, you may get pulled aside by the officer. The strictness is because fog lights are so strong that they can make other person blind. This may result in minor or serious accident. So you are not only getting yourself in trouble but also staking life of the vehicle coming from behind.


Driving lights are used when driving in country side areas. They are needed generally between the time of sunset and sunrise. So their functionality differs from high beam to low beam.

Low beam or headlights

Headlights come as standard or default lights on a vehicle. You can use headlights at the time of sunset and sunrise. These are generally to be used whenever it is dark. You can also use these lights in rain, fog or overcast days. It is wise to switch on the headlights when there is not enough daylight to be able to see a person wearing dark clothing at a distance of about 100 meters.

High beam

High beam lights can be used on any roads even if there are street lights. However low beam is to be used when a fellow motorist is approaching within 200 meter or in front within the same range. These lights are not meant for fog or rains as they can blur your vision due to reflection.

Restrictions of driving lights

These lights are so powerful that they can cause distraction to other drivers on roads. Distractions are not meant for roads as they can cause severe accidents. Some areas impose penalties on inappropriate use of driving lights.


Auto Daytime running lights are strong white lights that are installed in front of our car. On specific cars they are automatically switched on while the vehicle is turned on. Day time driving lights provide more safety as it makes your vehicle visible to the upcoming motorist in any condition either it is normal or overcast. Not all cars have the feature of automatically turning on the headlights when the engine starts.

They must be wired, so as turn them off at night time. Otherwise you may be troubling other drivers.


Tail lights of cars are red in color and generally located at the rear. They are wired such that they lit whenever the headlight is turned on. These lights are helpful in letting your presence know to the driver coming from behind.


These are also known as auto flashers. They are located in the front and back of the vehicle. You can flash them in order to warn the other driver of upcoming danger that you sense. These are not meant to be used at parking or stop signals. It is advised to always consider driving conditions and weather while turning on the car lights. Not only you will be getting into an accident but also you will be earning penalty ticket from officer.
Using a correct light not only provide you clearer vision but also ensure your safety on the road.

If you are planning to get your car lights repaired or replaced, then Partsavatar is the best option and also get the benefit of free shipping offered by them for orders over $99.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

PartsAvatar offers High Performance Clutch Kits under Moderate prices. So check it out!

Now you can save your money from getting wasted on repairs of clutches.

Mostly it is recommended to buy a clutch kit rather buying separate clutch parts for replacement. Repairing a clutch or a component of clutch system is quite expensive job itself. If the new clutch kit is fitted correctly, all the parts in the clutch kit age and wear at the same time. An unexpected clutch failure may be observed if we replace only one part of car's clutch.

A clutch kit is group of manual transmission parts that are either purchased as a unit or assembled piecemeal. While shopping for a clutch kit, basic consideration should be given to stronger spring action, maximum performance and superior friction material and exact engagement of the transmission system.

The transmission of an automobile is a complex mechanical system. Due to heat and friction, its components experience wear and tear by time. Sometimes, the clutch disc fails to disengage the flywheel when the clutch pedal is pressed. This will make it difficult for you to change the gears. You may also hear grinding noises when you change gears.

For these problems to occur you may have to change the clutch sets or components. Parts avatar provides variety of auto clutch kits and auto clutch sets at affordable prices.


A manual transmission clutch is made of three main parts positioned between flywheel and transmission input shaft. It comprises of clutch disc, pressure plate and throw out bearing which work together with flywheel to help a vehicle move forward and backward accordingly.

Strange grinding noises that come whenever you push the clutch pedal are generally due to a failed transmission system. Ignoring this is going to be a problem for you in future, so better tend to your clutches now. You can replace the whole clutch kit or can go for separate clutch replacement option.

Constant friction and heat will make the clutch succumb to wear and tear. Flywheel is also affected by overheating. Failing throw out bearings may cause misalignment issues and also can damage other clutch components with them.

You won’t be able to have smooth driving experience with damaged clutches. So for a smooth transmission operation, make sure to get a reliable clutch kit.


Clutch kit comprises of the following components:

1. Clutch disc
2. Pressure plate
3. Clutch release bearing

Clutch disc or clutch plate is a spring loaded device that engages or disengages the clutch from flywheel. When the clutch is engaged, pressure plate jams the disc against the flywheel. The cushioning springs allow smooth engagement. When the pedal is released, the disc will engage the contact with the flywheel and transmit torque from the engine to the drivetrain.


The pressure plate presses the clutch disc against the spinning flywheel. It is bolted onto the engine flywheel and by pressing the disc against the flywheel it transfers the power from engine to the transmission. It has to be able to do so as the connection from engine to driveline has to be interrupted while the gear change takes place.


The throw out bearing or clutch release bearing is the heart of clutch operations. When the clutch pedal is depressed, throw out bearing moves toward the flywheel, pushing in pressure plate’s release fingers and moving them against pressure plate spring force. It pushes the pressure plate to disengage the clutch.

The clutch kit mainly comprising of clutch disc, pressure plate and clutch release bearing is under budgetary prices than buying separate component of clutch system. Some manufacturer’s recommended clutch kits contain a clutch pressure plate, clutch friction plate and throw out bearing, pilot bushing and clutch alignment device. All these components work together to ensure that do not experience issues regarding engagement or disengagement of clutch.

So you can shop for high quality transmission kit or clutch kit at Parts Avatar.


car's Flywheel is one of those parts that need replacement along with the clutch kit. The clutch disc is mounted over the flywheel through pressure plate. So while changing or removing the clutch disc, you can also inspect the flywheel for cracks and small degree of run out that causes the flatness of the flywheel. If the cracks are deep, the flywheel should be replaced immediately to avoid any damage to the transmission. You can also find wobbles in the flywheel by using dial indicator at different points on the flywheel.
You can easily change the flywheel if traces of cracks and missing teeth in the gear are found. Along with this, car's clutch slave and master cylinders can also be replaced.

You can also check the flywheel for the traces of clutch disc material on flywheel surface. Flywheels can become hot spotted overtime with hardened patches on its surface. This could increase the aging factor and also would leave its impact on the newly installed clutch. A worn out clutch disc may also be indicating towards a damaged flywheel.
It is wise to replace and check flywheel that shows any sign of damage along with clutch kit replacement.

So for a better driving experience and smooth handling, it is economical to replace clutch kit rather separate clutch parts. Flywheel can be replaced or resurfaced based on its degree of damage.

If you want to shop for Aftermarket replacement auto parts and clutch kits then visit .

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gun the engine as fast as you want to. Visit Parts avatar to buy new engine parts for your automobile.

Replace the Engine Parts instead of buying a new Automobile
Earlier people used to cover long distances by walking or by riding horses from one place to another. Can you think what changed all these things? The answer to this question is invention of automobiles. Wheels which help in the movement of cars were discovered 5500 years before. The car came into existence in the year 1885.
Have you ever tried to open the hood of your car? There are a lot of things which are happening in there. For a beginner, it may be very confusing to see metal jumbled in the form of tubes and wires. Many people are curious to know what’s going on in it. Sometimes you are planning to buy a new car and for that you need to understand things properly.
So today, we will share the primary idea behind an engine and would discuss its important parts. The gasoline car engine provides movement to the car by converting the gasoline into motion. The gasoline inside the engine can burn, proving the most uncomplicated way to create movement. Therefore, we can say that an engine is an integral car component. Two things which you should know are:-
  • Internal combustion engines can be of various kinds, it can be diesel engine or gas turbine engines. They have their own different advantages and disadvantages.

  • Steam engine which is used in old trains or boats have external combustion engine. The fuel used is in form of coal, wood or even oil. They burn outside the engine to create steam and the steam which is created helps to provide movement inside the engine.
Internal combustion is preferred over external combustion as it is more competent. It consumes less fuel per mile and is smaller than the external combustion engine. That is why these days we don’t see any car using external engines.
The core of the car engines are built in a set called as cylinders. Most of the cars these days have more than one cylinder. Strong metal is used to make the cylinders. They are sealed but can be opened or closed from one end. Engines have contrasting configurations and at the same time different advantages as well as disadvantages. Now you must look at some engine parts specifically:-
It is the engine bearings which hold the crankshaft in its exact place. There are a lot of forces which a piston creates, these bearings prevent these forces and covert that movement into rotation.
  1. Spark plug
Just like its name, spark plug supplies spark. It triggers the fuel due to which combustion occurs. Things would only work properly if the spark happens at the perfect time.

  1. Valves
The main function of the valves is to open at the correct time so that it can intake air and fuel and excrete unwanted material. During compression as well as combustion, both the valves are closed.

Piston is a piece of metal which is cylindrical in shape and moves up and down. The piston rings are very helpful. During the process of compression and combustion, they prevent the fuel from leaking. They even protect the oil from leaking or else it would burn. You should replace the piston rings if they don’t seal things properly. For this you can visit Napa Canada.

  1. Connecting Rod
Piston is connected to the crankshaft with the help of a connecting rod. One attractive feature of this part is that it can rotate at both ends. This is done so that it can change its angle with the movement of the piston and crankshaft’s rotation.

  1. Crankshaft
The main function of the crankshaft is to turn the piston up and down in circular motion around its axis. This function is accomplished by connecting the piston to the crankshaft.

This part fills the space between two or more surfaces. This is done to stave off leakage.

  1. Timing parts
It is a part of internal combustion engine which helps to synchronize the rotation between the camshaft and the crankshaft. With its help, the engine valves would open and close at perfect time.
Engine fuel and exhaust electrical system
When you think of maintaining your car at daily basis, the first thing which should arise in your mind is the amount of gas in your automobile. The question which would now come in your mind is that how the gas provides power to the cylinders?  The answer to this is that the fuel system of your engine would pump the gas from the tank and would mix it with the air. This is how proper mixture of fuel would easily flow into the cylinders.
Now you are aware about the fuel that is put in your vehicle. You should even know something about what comes out of it. The exhaust system of your car has an exhaust pipe and muffler. In the absence of muffler, a lot of sound would be produced by the small explosions.
Thus, engine is the most essential component of any vehicle. In the absence of engine, there will be no vehicle. You should replace the damaged parts of engine as fast as you can because it would be beneficial for you in long run. If you wish to purchase replacement parts for your engine, then you must visit as our main motive is to achieve customer satisfaction.