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Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

Driving is stressful for you?? Just relax…Because Nissan has made your job easy!!!!

Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

AfterMarket Parts Vs OEM? Learn if OEM car Parts are worth the Extra Money!

Partsavatar believes in providing its valuable customers with best car parts. For auto parts replacement you have two options- Aftermarket and OEM. Make the best decision for your car by going through this article.

When you want to buy auto parts for your car, you have several options like Aftermarket and OEM. Buying the best car part is your first priority because it not only ensures best performance but also ensures safety for you on the road.
 In this article let us explore, what these two terms mean and how reliable these are for vehicle’s performance.

Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM auto parts are made by the car’s manufacturer. These auto parts match the specification of your vehicle.
Whereas, aftermarket parts are produced by different companies other than the real manufacturer. You have a wide option of brands in this case and buying and selling is also easy. There are numerous companies that design or produce auto parts separately that perform same function than the OEM or even better.

There is a lot of argument going on this topic , so lets differentiate both terms in easy manner and learn their pros and cons.


The aftermarket is actually remanufacturing, retailing, distributing and even installing the vehicle parts and accessories that are not produced by the original manufacturer.
The consumers can either repair their auto vehicle by themselves by going through do it yourself manuals or take mechanic or professionals help.

Aftermarket always involves the third party auto parts manufacturer yet the functions are same and the prices are quite cheap and affordable as compared to OEM.

Nowadays, aftermarket auto parts are quite in trend. A lot of online stores like PartsAvatar Canada provide reliable purchasing at your doorsteps. People are often interested in buying an aftermarket auto part rather going to real manufacturer. It is a very rare case or for exceptional car parts, the consumer chooses OEM auto parts.
There are certain benefits of aftermarket parts as follows

Less expensive

The very first reason for choosing aftermarket over OEM is that they provide better quality auto parts under cheap prices. Aftermarket retail shops and websites offer cost saving and convenient auto products. The price can vary with the brand you are choosing and most importantly you can see all the specifications of that brand and hence selecting is quite easy as everything is in front of you.

Due to free shipping offered by some online retail stores like Partsavatar, your time and travelling expenses are also saved. You cannot compromise for quality for low price, so you can research for that brand on internet for quality check as aftermarket always sells registered brands.


Aftermarket is all about variety of brands. You have so many options available that sometimes it really becomes difficult to choose. Specific companies make specific parts like Monroe. If you are confused regarding selection of a best auto part, it is better to take advice from your trusted mechanic. Always choose what fits your vehicle more precisely.

High Quality

Aftermarket auto parts stores generally try to provide high quality auto parts equal to or more than the OEM ones. Quality is the thing that cannot be compromised, so there foremost purpose is to sell best quality parts even better than the original one.
While looking for quality, also look for better warranty offered by the company. It is wise to take advice of a professional to make a better choice.

Many aftermarket performance parts are available under high quality and also in fashion as auto Brake pads, radiator of car, Remanufactured auto Alternators, cars' control arm etc.
Many expensive repair auto parts are also available in aftermarket like car's Oxygen sensors, auto Head gasket sets etc.


The main con that is evident is due to its main pro that is vast variety. Due to so much variety, you have a large option, if you are ignorant of the brand or the part then it may create issue for you.

Sometimes, we pick cheap priced auto part other than more costly one. Its better to take advice of your mechanic or search for the brands reliability before ordering anything.

Another con is the warranty. Some auto parts do not provide warranty though they are high performance parts than the original one. So warranty causes issues sometimes for expensive or delicate products.


OEM parts are manufacturer produced. Your car dealership offers these parts as they are same as the ones in your vehicle. These parts are quite expensive. Let us read about major benefits and cons of these over aftermarket auto products.


OEM parts provide warranty. Most automakers provide one year warranty with their parts.

Easy selection

As you have to buy the exact auto part for replacement, so the choice has nothing to do here. You just go to the dealership’s parts counter and get the desired one easily. You don’t even have to worry about quality or price of auto part.

Quality Assurance

Quality is assured as the OEM part works the same as the previous part so you are familiar with the quality.


Even though you purchase OEM product thinking that it will be far better than the aftermarket one, but sometimes you may not get what you wished for. Sometimes you are just paying money for bigger brand names. Aftermarket products produce quality equal or more than that of OEM. So you should be careful.

OEM parts are very expensive. Its price is not something you can bargain so you will have to pay for fixed cost. Auto parts like Catalytic converters are quite expensive to replace due to their delicate design.

As aftermarket provides shipping facilities, so is not with OEM. You will have to visit the dealership to shop for desired product. You will also have to pay for the costly labour to fit that part there.


If you are familiar with the brands and their working reliability, then you can easily choose aftermarket products. But make sure quality should not be compromised because, repair is always done to get better performance out of your vehicle and quality is the one factor that can assure it.

It is wise to research the aftermarket brand before making decision. Or if you are still ignorant and confused it is better to stick to OEM for your satisfaction.

If you have selected the aftermarket option, then visit PartsAvatar for best brand and cheap priced replacement Auto parts for your vehicle.

Monday, April 17, 2017

PartsAvatar guides you to the mysterious components under car's floorboards- the DriveTrains.

What really happens when you press down the accelerator? How does the driveline get torque? The Drive Train is doing this magic. So check out more about Drive Train and its components @Parts Avatar.

car's Drive train is quite confusing term in itself. The vehicle’s torque converter that is located near the engine converts and transfers the force produced by the engine as you accelerate or decelerate before sending it to the transmission. The gears are changed accordingly and the power is sent to the wheels. This whole process is controlled by the drivetrain.

The concept of drivetrain is often confused with transmission. It is to be noted that both are different terms. Transmission’s function is to keep the engine turning in time with the wheels regardless of the gear it is in. drivetrain is everything behind the transmission that controls the amount of torque being distributed to wheels via engine.
The parts that make a drivetrain are- Axle shafts, U-joints, the differential, the CV joints and driveshaft. Let us read about these components in detail.

Drive Shaft

car's Driveshaft is a long tube made of steel that is linked to the car’s transmission at one end and wheels at the other end. Automobile use shaft to deliver power from transmission to the other end of the vehicle before it goes to the wheels. A pair of short drive shafts is used to send power from differential, transmission and transaxle to the wheels.

U-Joint and Constant Velocity

U-joint is a flexible pivot point that transmits power allowing varying angles of the driveshaft. Constant velocity joints are the parts of the driveshaft that are designed to bend in any direction while continuing to turn the drive wheels at a constant velocity. Both U joints and CV joints transfer power to the components that move with the suspension.

It is advised to follow vehicle manufacturer’s instructions for better maintenance of both joints. Aftermarket auto Ujoints and car's CVjoints are also available at cheap prices at parts avatar, have a look.


Thedifferential of car is the last stop of power before spinning the wheels. In auto mobiles, differential allows the outer drive wheel to rotate faster than the inner drive wheel during a turn.
While taking a turn the outside wheel cut a wider arc than the inside. The differential’s main function is to make sure that the outside and inside wheels are allowed to turn at different speeds while still supplying power to the wheels.

Differential consist of large ring gear that meshes with a small pinion gear driven by the driveshaft. Ring gear also spins a carrier containing perpendicular meshing spider gears that allow the left or right axle shafts to spin independently. Parts avatar offers good quality car's Differential ring and pinion parts.

Axle shafts

Axle shafts are single rotating shafts that deliver power from the final drive assembly to drive wheels.

Symptoms of Failing Drivetrain

  • ·        Vibration and strange noises while shifting gears
  • ·        Muddy and contaminated transmission fluid
  • ·        Whining noise coming under the floor
  • ·        Red fluid leakage under the car

How the Drive train Works?

 As we have understood the components of the drivetrain, now it would be easy to know the working of drivetrain system.

Front Wheel Drive

In the front wheel drive of car, the power flows from engine to the transmission and then to the differential, which is integral to transmission in a front wheel drive. Most front wheel drives are connected to axle half shafts via CV joints for better sheering.
Vehicles working on front wheel drive scenario provide more space for passengers and cargo. As the weight is reduced, the fuel economy also increases so does the engine performance. Due to the weight over the drivewheel, the wet weather traction is also improved.
Vehicles with front wheel drive system often get the problem of uneven wear on front tires and suspension parts. It becomes quite complex for the mechanic to do the servicing due to cramped space of engine compartment. The amount of power that is to be transmitted to the front wheels is also limited.

Rear Wheel Drive

Rear wheel drives use driveshaft to send the power to the back wheels. The engine sends power via driveshaft to the differential unit at the rear axle. The differential turns the power in perpendicular direction and sends it to rear wheels.
The balanced distribution of front and rear weight drive results in better handling. As the weight is distributed evenly, the front tires are not bothered to steer and pull the car hence resulting in less wear and tear of the tire.

The major disadvantage of rear wheel drive is they provide poor wet traction and stability without electronic controls. As compared to front wheel, the space is reduced for passengers and cargo.

Four Wheel drive and All Wheel drive

Power is sent to all four wheels in four wheel drive of car. The transfer case distributes the power to the front and rear differential and is either integral to the transmission or a separate unit.

car's All wheel drivesystem allows the front and rear wheels to rotate at different speeds. There is no room for driver interaction in this type of drive. When the on board computer detects the wheel spinning, all wheel drive is activated immediately. These systems feature less electronic intervention than their part time counterparts.
The major advantage of all and four wheel drive is they provide maximum traction on variety of surfaces.

These systems are quite costly and fuel economy is also not good in this.
Above knowledge is quite sufficient for you. You should research thoroughly about drive trains before buying a vehicle, as handling is the most important thing and steering should be under your control.

If you wish to replace or repair transmission and suspension parts, then visit Parts avatar for better quality.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Its time to replace the old traditional shifters with new classy,safe automatic transmission shifters

Automakers have begun replacing traditional shifters by installing knobs or buttons. Let us have a look at some of the fancy and different kinds of gear knobs and automatic shifters available in auto world.

No car is complete without a gear box. The gearbox basically sends the power produced by an engine to the wheels. After steering wheel, shifters are main point of interface with your car. Gear shifters produced by automakers are quite fancy but only look and feel is not everything, as a bad gear can damage engine or driveline or even can kill you in worst cases.
In this article we will discuss about auto gear and its types along with some of the fancy gear knobs or shifters available in auto world.
Automatic gearbox quickly came into limelight as it emerged as easy alternative to manual gear box. There are different kinds of gearbox ranges as CVT, DSG and AMT. before, the gearshift level used to have neutral, drive and reverse slots in it. But in automatic gear there are different ways to change a gear like rotary dial and steering column stalk etc. aftermarket products are quite popular as remanufactured car's steering gear kit and other components of transmission.
Let us read about some of the types of shifters in the auto market.

PUSH BUTTON SHIFTER                       
They are the uncommon types of gear shifters available at market. They do not have complex design. You can simply select the gear by pushing the button.


It is the most common type of shifter that can be found in the automobiles across the world. It is a gearbox with regular auto gear stick as that of manual gearbox. It can be slotted to reverse, drive or neutral gears by moving in linear direction or in gated format. Example - Honda Jazz.


Monostable or joystick shifters have refined functionalities and rich looks. The gear knob remains in the same position even after you have slotted it in different gear. Expensive automakers like Audi and BMW provide this shifter. Example- Audi A4, BMW 3 series.


These are one of the gorgeous forms of gear shift knobs and yet very uncommon. The rotary wheel can be rotated to shift the gear. Jaguar, Land rover and Renault offer rotary shifters in their cars.


Stalk shifter stays in its position and offer the functionalities of monostable shifters at the same time. It is generally installed below the wiper on the steering column. Fiat, Mercedes and BMW offer this gear shifter in some of their cars. Example - Mercedes Benz C Class, Mercedes Benz GLA Class.
Now you know the types or designs of gear shifters. Let us know about some of the best automatic shifters that offer rock solid feel, high performance with gate operations and safety features.


It uses high quality parts throughout and is a gate type unit with extremely smooth action. It will work on two to three automatic transmissions.
Applications- Ford C6, C4, Powerglide.


Hi tech street bandit is and ultimate B&M performance product for high tech street cars with automatic transmission of car. It features gated mechanism with slots as backup light switch, interchangeable billet knob and neutral safety switch. It is usually used in any domestic two, three or four speed automatic transmission.


The B&M Pro ratchet is easy to operate and features NHRA and IHRA reverse lockout, neutral safety switch, backup light switch and 5 foot super duty shift cable. It is the easiest shifter to double shift with and the stick will always return to the centre position after slotting a gear.


The Hurst pistol grip quarter stick is designed for comfortable and firm grip. Along with the qualities of quarter stick it features controlled detent activation, one hand operated reverse lock out mechanism and a neutral safety switch.


It is a universal design used in any three or four speed application. It is stylish and durable. Its installation is quite simple. It fits more popular three or four speed GM, Chrysler and Ford applications.


It provides paddle shifting capabilities with look and feel of an OEM system. This paddle shifter is easily available aftermarket. Paddle shifter interacts with transmission control unit via wireless receiver module. It also optionally displays information like throttle position, vehicle speed, current gear and manifold pressure etc. these can be applied on any electronically controlled domestic transmission and five six or nine bolt steering wheel.


It easily modifies some parameters of late model electronically controlled automatic transmissions. It has a plug in harness and OEM style connecters. You can also adjust shift points, torque converter operation, shift firmness and can set it up for auto, manual or dyno modes.

A good shifter should be gated for safety and provide good linkage so that you don’t have to focus on your speed.

I hope with some more research you could get a good gear box for your car. For more aftermarket purchase of automatic transmission module and steering system components visit Parts avatar.